Meadowoods University for the Gifted

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Welcome to Meadowoods, your typical college town...except for the fact that everyone's got a power, making college and life just a little bit more difficult than it needs to be. Home to Meadowoods University, one of the most prestigious and well respected Universities for the Gifted in the US. The town of Meadowoods is a safe haven where all gifted people are welcome.

Recently, the town of Meadowoods has opened an alternate institution for those aged 13 and above to help grasp their gifts and abilities, or to help those wish to advance!

We are currently accepting all kinds of characters, from college students, city officials, and residents, as well as MIA Students and Instructors. All gifts are currently open and we have lots of canons to choose from! There are site wide events happening every month! Students have the option of joining a sorority or fraternity if they decide they want to go the greek route. [/align]