Me and you with romance. c: //Not asking for a date. xD//

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  1. || Hi! I'm a person that could connect with many roleplays. But just to give you some info, I'll answer the requirements. ||
    - What gender characters you play? Sadly, only my gender, female.

    - Whether or not you want a romance or smutty times? Romance is fine, no smut.

    - What gender are you looking for? Male.

    - Whether or not you want a straight/gay romance if you do romance? Heterosexual, straight romance.

    - What genre or things you LOVE to play? I LOVE fantasy, preferably elvish, but anything fantasy and romantic. Everything else, except everything in hate section, is neutral.

    - What sort of things you HATE to play or WON'T play? I'm actually a person who is horrible at roleplay fighting, horrible. But what I usually hate is gore or horror. Honestly, I'll roleplay with a person who can fight, but I won't be doing the fighting, maybe setting up traps or something like that but not fighting.

    - How descriptive you expect posts to be, or grammar requirements? Honestly, I'm not okay with newbie writers, because I've always worked with people that do 2-4 paragraphs. Grammar? I don't mind, as long as I can understand. I make a lot of mistakes, on accident.

    - How OFTEN you expect replies and will reply yourself? I actually don't care how long you reply, and I need a partner that is like that too. :)

    - Plot/Character ideas you have, or if you're open to partner's bringing the ideas? I actually have an idea.

    - How and WHERE you want to roleplay? One on ones. :)

    - How people should contact you for the roleplay? In thread, or PM.
  2. If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask!:cake::cookie:
  3. I like your style, but i normally don't keep up with 2-4 para, normally i do 1/2-3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.