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  1. The young woman sat on the lake shore, dipping her toes in the fresh cool water as it slowly crawled up the rocky beach. Her knees were pulled up to her chest, chin resting upon them as she stared over the water, her eyes a strange reddish orange color that reflected the colors of the rising sun.
    With a sigh, she got to her feet, stretching her arms above her head. The tangle of white hair fell down to her waist, highlights of silver shining in the morning light. "Well, better get started," she muttered, bending over and picking up a crude fishing pole, wandering to the other side of the lake and sitting up a flat boulder that jutted out into the waters. Ever since the day she had let him down, she hadn't gone anywhere near people, towns. She lived off the land and used what it offered to survive, but nothing more
    As she cast the pole and settled into a comfortable sitting position, she watched as the sun's rays glittered off the water, the breeze blew through the trees that circled the half of the lake she was on. The other side stretched out into flat grasslands with a few trees dotting the land, before rising up into great mountains hundreds of miles away.
    It wasn't long before she felt a tug, and twirling the pole to reel in the fish, she eventually pulled it up out of the water, and went about gutting it, stashing it in a small cover of water that it wouldn't float away.
  2. Above the vacant beach water a loud noise could be heard. It's sound was like the sizzling of a juicy grilled steak. If anyone looked above they'd see a blue light flying across the sky just beyond the mountainous region within the forest border. Soon after a BOOM was heard and soon after a cold sonic wave trembled past the waving pine trees, grey stones and through the clear waters thus creating large waves. If one gave heed, it seemed as if the trees and rocks now had a white film frost coating.
  3. Glancing up towards the sky, she watched as the strange blue light whizzed by, crashing, shaking the ground a little. Arching a brow, she got to her feet, shivering as the cold settled in. "What in the world," she muttered, wondering if she should investigate. Rubbing her arms to warm them, she hurried and grabbed the gutted fish and set it in a small salt lined bag. Tying it shut, she got to her feet, then sighed.
    If she were to walk, it would probably take awhile to find where the crash site was... but.....
    She felt that wonderful tingling on her back, the warmth in her body. Smiling, she rolled her shoulders a little, then felt her skin stretch, tear, the lines of black ink fading away slowly, replaced by bone and feathers.
    They were similar in color as her eyes, a burnt red with bright firey orange highlights. Stretching them, she pushed off the ground with one big swoosh, then off she went, heading for the crash.
  4. In what was once a small crevice within one of the larger mountains, a vast crater stood in its place. In its midst was a man bearing a sky blue attire. He laid on the ground still and silent.

    If the woman did peradventure to his location, she'd notice a few ravens circling his location from above. Besides them there were no creatures in sight.
  5. She heard the faint call of ravens, she saw their black forms circling in the air. As she neared, she hovered there for a moment, the smoke from the impact blown away on the breeze. She looked down into the crater, seeing a man. Curious, but cautious, she set her things down on the ground, folding her wings against her. Slowly, she moved forward, then knelt down on the ground several feet away. She could see he was not moving, but breathing. "Hmmm," she thought, arching a brow as she thought what to do.
    Inching closer, she lifted one wing and reached out, brushing the soft feathers against him. "Hey, wake up," she said softly.
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