MCM Expo and cosplaying.

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  1. Was just wondering if any of my fellow Brits would be going to MCM in London in a couple of months; if you do have a hunt around for an Okabe Rintarou; and you'll!

    On that note though; if you are going (and indeed anyone who goes to conventions ever), who would you like to cosplay?
  2. I might be going, but it's not definite at the moment.

    In the event that I do go, you'll probably be looking for a TF2 Medic that's about 5 feet tall.
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  3. Well,sadly.I'm not even in United Kingdom...
    I'd love to visit those expo
    and take some awesome picture with those cosplayer.Gone to Japan anime expo once...and it's the worst thing I've gone to...I cant even understand a god damn words.I thought my english japanese dictionary would help,instead it's a reverse thing...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.