Maze Runner-The Two Glades (STARTED!!! Always accepting characters)

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  1. Basically it's the Maze Runner with our characters, we will go day to day life in the Glade starting from the beginning of The Glade.

    No Gary-Lou's and Mary-Sue's
    2. No fighting
    3. Any sex scenes must be "fades to black"
    Nudity is ok

    Post your character on the thread and when we have at least 7 characters we will start the RP.

    You wake up in a metal box moving upwards there are other boys (or girls)with you around the box are supplies the box stops moving and you climb out with the other boys (or girls), you must now build a home in The Glade with your other Gladers. (Sorry I'm not good at summaries)
    Boys and girls are in separate glades in the maze for now eventually the two will come in contact with one another!

    The Guy's Glade
    In the middle is the box
    North West- forest with a small clear lake used for water, washing clothes and bathing
    North East- plains
    South East- where crops and animals will go, there are a few orange, peach, pear and lemon trees growing there currently
    South West-smaller forest and living area.
    North-opening to the maze opens at dawn closes at dusk

    The Girl's Glade
    In the middle is the box
    North West- small forest with a clear lake used for water, washing clothes and bathing.
    North East-rocky hills
    South East- small forest and living area
    South West- where crops and animals will go, there are a few apple and banana, lime and coconut trees growing there currently.

    Guy's supplies
    • Five gallons of oil
    • three chickens
    • one roster
    • one gallon bag of corn seeds
    • one gallon bag of tomato seeds
    • one gallon bag of potato seeds
    • each guy has a backpack with a blanket and a spare set of clothes and two razors
    • an ax and shovel
    • 50 tins of various canned food
    • 10 boxes of soap
    Girl's supplies
    • Five gallons of oil
    • a pregnant sow (pig)
    • five chickens
    • one gallon bag of bean seeds
    • one gallon bag of strawberry seeds
    • one gall on bag of various berries (raspberries. blueberries and blackberries)
    • each girl has a backpack with a blanket and a spare set of clothes and few....female items
    • an ax and shovel
    • 50 tins of various canned food
    • 10 boxes of soap

    Crops are genetically modified to take one month to grow, the fruit trees have new fruit every two months.
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  2. Xavier opened his eyes looking around he saw he was in a big metal box with three other boys. The box was moving upwards fast, looking around he saw the other boys sturing. What's going on? Where am I? Who am I? Who are they? were just a few of the things racing through Xavier's mind. The box was moving faster and faster, the ceiling was approaching fast. "We're going to be crushed!" he shouted. Right as the metal box was about to slam into the ceiling and kill them all the ceiling opened and the box was thrusted upwards and then it came to an abrupt stop.
  3. Stelios slowly woke from his sleep, He looked around at the metal box surrounding them, He saw three other boys, a boy kept screaming, He was about to hyperventilate, Breathing fast, He looked around at the box, it was about to crash like the boy said, He had a horrified look as he was about to crash to his death, Then all of a sudden the ceiling opens saving them from their death.
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  4. [​IMG]
    Sorrels eyes flutter open but there is no light to be seen she breaths hard. "Wha-where am I" she gasps wind rushes past her and she realizes what ever she is in is moving. Her eyes grow wide, looking around she notices 3 others girls she can just make them out. She looks up "we're gonna crash" she stammers. 5 4 3 2 1 and the top opens and light floods the elevator? She remembers the word but were she learned it she's unsure. She stand looking around at the contents of the box.

    Brittany opens her eyes to blackness she looks around unable to see through the darkness. She hears a girl across from her say "we're gonna crash" her eyes grow wide as panic sets In. Oh we're gonna die oh god no! She curls into a ball breathing hard oh god please no! She screams as the box flys to the top and then it opens light pierces the darkness. She exhales and flops down on her back relieved to be alive.

    August wakes to find 3 other guys in a box, complete darkness. Where are we? Is all he can think the ceiling is rushing towards them. He looks around inside with them sat stuff the resembled supplies. "Supplies" he echoed wonder why there were in a box full of supplies. Before he can think about it to long the box flys to the top as the ceiling opens and light rushes in. He coves his eyes as the light hits them blinding him until he adjusts. He stands shakily looking around at the 3 other boys and the supplies around them.
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  5. The abrupt stop made Cole wake up, just to find himself in a weird dark place, which was soon filled with light. At that moment, he could see three other boys, who were really scared and confused. He tried to give sense to the situation but he couldn't. He had no idea how he got there, why was he there, who those strangers were or even who he was. When the ceiling opened, he managed to hurry to leave the box. Even thought the three boys didn't look threatening, he did not trust being in a small room with them, where he had nowhere to escape to. When he finally left the box, he glanced around, looking for something familiar. Nothing. It was just a big field with some big walls around it.
    "Cole." a voice sounded on his head. It was everything he could take from his memory.
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  6. Getting up Xavier looked at the three other boys and the area around them. Kinda looks like a do I know what a glade looks like? Xavier thought to himself. Deciding that talking to himself would solve nothing he started grabbing supplies and getting them out of the box he grabbed two bags of what appeared to be seeds and a backpack with his name on it inside were a change of clothes, a blanket and two razors. Well the razors will come in handy in a few days he thought felling his for now clean-shaven face. He looked at on of the boys stuck his hand out and said "hi I'm Xavier."

    (The boy is Cole)
  7. [​IMG]
    August grabs a backpack with his name on it and sling it over his shoulder. He hops out if the box and take in his surroundings He stands in a large felid walls surround it. The great grey walls are covered in ivy. The place was over whelming he jumps back into the box and begins to haul out supplies. He grabs three bags of seeds and throughs them out of the box to the grass coved earth. He continues this with more of the supplies.
  8. He looked at the boy greeting him, who had a few things in his hands. He didn't look threatening at all, so, even if he was still keeping a certain distance, Cole thought he shouldn't worry about it. Besides, anyone could already kill him when he was unconscious in that box. "Hey, I'm... Cole, I guess." answered, frowning. He knew he should have a surname, but he had no idea what it was. Actually, he had no idea how he got in that box or anything that he did previously. His name was everything he had.
    Cole approached once again to the box, being a little cautious but not scared anymore. It seemed that the things Xavier had in his hands were from the box and he didn't even pay attention to them previously. He went back in and took a backpack that had his name, together with a box with some tins. Cole climbed out the box once again.
    "Does anyone else has a trouble remembering things or is it just me?" asked in a loud voice, so that the three boys could hear. He thought that it would be useless to introduce to the other two because they probably already heard his name.
  9. [​IMG]
    "I'm afraid I don't remember anything accepted my name, August but just call me Gus I guess.." He says trying to smile. He grabbed an axe but it didn't feel right he grabs the shovel it felt much more natural. He sets the axe back down and grabs some more supplies.
  10. "Nice to meet you Cole, yeah I'm having trouble remembering" Xavier said a puzzled look on his face as he tried to remember. I just can't remember anything, ugh this is so frustrating, looking at the other guy who was getting supplies out of the box he said to both guys. "Let's get all the supplies out of the box and take it to that small grove of trees" Xavier said pointing to the southwest corner of the glade. "Them we can explore!" Xavier said with a grin.
  11. He stood there, with his hands full and heard the others. In some way, he was glad that he wasn't the only one with that problem, but it would probably be good if someone could understand something about it. Cole took the box he was carrying and his backpack to the place pointed by Xavier and went back to the box. He was certainly curious about that place and the idea of exploring it appealed him. Anyways, he had no rush, because they would surely be there for a couple of days at least, according to the suplies they had. He carried some more things from the box to the trees.
    "This is completely weird." commented, as he took another look around. Maybe it was some kind of prision, due to the big walls around them.
  12. As he saw Cole carrying supplies to the small grove of trees he grabbed as many supplies as he could and went after him, once they had all of the supplies over to the small grove of trees including the chickens, rooster and pig he turned to the other boy. "Wanna explore now?" Xavier was kind of excited about this place and few things excited him. How do I know few things excite me?"
  13. Breanne:
    When Breanne woke up she was in a dark and fast moving box, with three girls she did not know and no memories. Naturally, panic began to set in, and she screamed the whole way up. Only when the doors at the top opened did she stop her screaming, and then she hesitantly rose to the feet. What the hell? she thought to herself, her whole body quivering. She stood in place, watching as a blonde female rose to her feet as well, and walked over to the ladder placed inside their small metal box. She bit her lip as the girl climbed out, hearing her gasp with either surprise or horror- Brea wasn't sure. But at least now she knew that she didn't want to see what was on the outside of the box. She wanted to know where she was, or even who she was. Name, she thought frantically, looking down at her feet. You've got to have a name. She strained to remember it, and then suddenly it came to her: Breanne. You're name is Breanne.

    Jenna kept her eyes closed the whole ride, gripped on tight to whatever was next to her. It was round and cold, so it was probably metal. Somewhere a girl was screaming, and another said they were going to crash. Crash?! Into what? Jenna was too terrified to open her eyes, and so she tried to distract herself. She occupied herself by searching for memories, unaware that she wouldn't find any. In fact, she couldn't even remember her name. Suddenly everything came to a halt, and everything fell silent. She opened her eyes as the doors opened, and she was temporarily blinded by the light streaming in. Still, she stood up, and as she regained her eyesight she stumbled over to a ladder. As she grasped it she realized it wasn't very strong, but she climbed it anyways. Jenna couldn't think of anything she wanted more than to get out of this small box-shaped hold in the ground. Once she was on the land above, she turned around in a circle, a gasp escaping her lips. Where the hell are we?