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  1. Anyone interested in a Maze Runner RP? I've already made it under "Maze Runner-The Gladers" I'm the fandom thread, I really want to start a Maze Runner RP so please join :)

    There are two Glades in the middle of a giant maze one for guys and one for girls (they don't know the other glade exists but they will eventually. No one knows who put them there or why, but they are here now and supplies will come up every week from the box (basically a metal box that works like an elevator) and the two groups must build a shelter, grow food and explore the maze to survive.

    More info. on the sign-up page or PM me for any questions :)
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  2. Anyone interested we need just one more male and female character before we start
  3. Maybe you could give a wiki link or explanation of what 'Maze Runner' is? Never forget that those who don't know may be willing to learn!
  4. I updated the first post if anything is unclear please pm me (I haven't RP'd in a few years so I'm a little rusty)
Thread Status:
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