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Hello! I'm May. I'm never really sure where to begin with these things so I'll start with the basics. I've been writing and roleplaying for probably around a decade now. I like to think of myself as fairly adaptable with both the plotting and writing side of things as I prefer to match my partner or group's style. I love to chat OOC and I absolutely adore worldbuilding. I am happy to follow a preset plot or come up with one as we go. As a fair warning, I love to make things pretty and aesthetic - meaning I might have a pinterest board and a playlist up and running for what rp we come up with. It's very possible that you may either get an aesthetic google doc or a code for our character sheets if you don't mind it.

My Preferences:
◈ 18+ only. I find it more comfortable to write with people closer to my own age or older than me.

◈ I tend to prefer to write male characters, but I am happy to write female or nonbinary as well! I can also play multiple characters - though I would limit the amount to three at most. I am also happy to play NPCs as needed.

◈ I'm a sucker for a good romance, but it's not necessary at all. However, I do not feel comfortable with writing smut of any kind. If it gets to that point, fade to black would be fine.

◈ I have a preference for Fantasy, Horror and the Supernatural/Paranormal genres, but I adore everything from historical to science fiction. I will say that I will not write anything just plainly modern - modern with magic is perfectly fine, however. I lean more towards the darker side of each genre - like Dark Fantasy or Dark Wild West.

◈ I'm pretty flexible with the art/face claims used for characters. I personally lean more towards semi-realistic, but I will absolutely match whatever my partner uses.

◈ I prefer to use PMs or Threads, but can use discord too.

◈ I like to think I'm fairly flexible but I would prefer my partner to post at least two paragraphs per post so that I have something to write to. I will probably adjust my writing style and length to match yours, but my default writing length is about four to six paragraphs. I welcome new writers too! We all have to start somewhere.

◈ I would like a reply at least once every two weeks, but I understand life can be hectic. I'm patient enough to wait for a reply so long as you don't mind the occasional meme or random questions in OOC. I can post anywhere from once a day to once every two weeks typically. You can absolutely remind me if I seem to have forgotten.

If you're interested, please drop a message for me here or in PM!​

Below are some ideas with a basic plot and a lot of interest on my part. Feel free to pick from any of these and we can expand on the plot together!

The Witch of Holden

Witch & Childhood Best Friend​

Magic is a choice, the priests would inform the reverent masses. His harsh eyes would linger on the youth ducked into their mothers' sides. A warning - a threat. His eyes would linger on one child in particular. He would later speak of how he could sense the evil that lurked beneath the child's eyes. He would show remorse that he could turn the ill minded youth to the light; that he had let them linger near the others of his age. For surely they must have been greatly tempted to follow in the child's path… especially the one that clung to them.

Magic is a choice, the masses would whisper as they scorn the child. The priest had them all convinced - even the child's parents. They were evil - it was only a matter of time. Eyes followed the child everywhere. Every action, every word, every moment was scrutinized and scorned. The village had turned against them… all except for one. Their dearest friend - their only friend. The child would hide what they were even more desperately when they were with them. They would hide the fire that flickered beneath thin fingers, the flowers that bloomed in their wake, how the forest trees would bend to greet them. They would not scare their friend… no, never them.

Magic is a choice
, the child would mock the priest in his final moments. It had been a long time coming. A single push too far had been all it had taken. A fire had spread through the church and left only the child and the priest at it's mercy. The child knew they would never escape the wrath of the village as the fire began to roar. All they could see was yellow and red, but the fire never touched them - it didn't hurt. All they could feel was the warmth that the village never gave them.

Magic is a choice, except for when you're born with it. The witch told themselves as they strolled out of the church to the waiting eyes of the masses. They had never learned a spell or made a pact with some dark creature. Yet the fire answered their call and the flowers bloomed at their touch. They had never had a choice before, but now they did. The witch refused to let the village hurt them anymore, but they could never hurt them either - not while their only friend remained there.

The forest beckoned and the witch answered.


For this one, I don't have much in the way of a plot yet - mostly just a world to base it in. I do have some ideas - the childhood friend could have been accused of witchcraft or perhaps they left to find their friend after their parents got sick. I don't think this would work with multiple characters, but I'm willing to adjust to allow so for those interested.

The God Slayer

God & Mortal​

For a thousand years, the world was ravaged by a war waged by the gods themselves. Plagues, famine, great storms, and hoards of monsters made the planet - once a place of great beauty - into a wasteland. And still, even when humanity dwindled in numbers and their prayers stopped; even when mortals began to claw at the doors of paradise; even when rivers began to dry and the forests began to die - they would not stop. It took the desperation of three gods - the goddess of nature, the goddess of the sea, and the god of the sky - to bring an end to the needless conflict. Their very creation was all but gone when they descended from the realm of the gods and offered their dearest children a gift.


Golden ichor from their very veins to turn mortals greatest warriors into creatures never before seen. They asked their children to storm the gates of the celestial plane and tear the other gods down from their thrones. The three would remain here, on Earth, to heal the planet and restore their children to their former glory.

Within five years, most of the old gods were felled. The few that remain - save for the Three - fled into the mortal plane to create their own place. Small realms born from the gods remaining power were hidden amongst the far reaches of Earth. The warriors that once stormed the home of the gods now hunted down all that remained on the order of the Three. God Slayers they became known as. It has been five hundred years since the destruction of the celestial plane and still many remain. The God Slayers roam endlessly in search of their foes, but even they can only do so much. Even they need help - clerics blessed by the Three, scouts to run ahead, and soldiers to fight alongside them.


For this one, I'm looking for someone to plot this out with, though I do have some basic ideas so far. One character would be an old god hiding from God Slayers. They can be the god of anything - war, death, life, time, etc. The other character would be a mortal in service of a God Slayer - a cleric, scout, or soldier - who stumbled their way into the hidden realm. The god/goddess locks the mortal away in the realm to prevent them from telling their Slayer of its location.

This can probably work with multiple characters too - two gods and two mortals. The gods could be siblings and the mortals work under the same God Slayer.

The Hollow House

Ghost & House Sitter​

It looked like an easy job, if a bit lonely. Housesit the old manor of some old, widowed socialite located deep in the forested mountains for a large sum of money while the lady went swimming in the Bahamas for winter. It would be cold - the snow must get bad that far up the mountains - and lonely. The nearest town was thirty minutes away by car. There would be no staff to talk to, no children to watch, no pets to look after. Just an old house…

So why did it feel so… unnatural to look at. Something about this place raises the hair on your arms; makes you turn your gaze behind you to meet the eyes that are endlessly staring. The older woman was kind as she gave you the rundown of the job - do not leave the house unless absolutely necessary. Food will be delivered weekly. No friends, lovers, or family over. No leaving the house after midnight. Odd, but the woman was a strange one so it was hardly surprising. Something about her eyes made you wary. Thankfully, you wouldn't see her again for three months.

It really did look like an easy job.

Of course, that means it isn't. Something causes the house to creek late at night. Something causes scratches at the doors and windows while you try to sleep. Something speaks in muted whispers when you stare out into the darkness. Something giggled when you screamed. You felt like you were going insane until one night the whispers and the creeks and the scratches and the laughter all stopped. Silence.

And then footsteps. Soft thumps across hardwood floors that came to a halt behind you. You could feel their - its - cold presence sweep over you. A voice that whispered right in your ear.



It probably doesn't seem like much of a romance at first, but I have the idea that the older woman killed a lot of people and that there are dozens of ghosts on the property. All but one - her first victim - are confined to outside the house and are very, very angry. The first victim tries to scare the housesitter away to save them, but when that doesn't work they approach them.

I am all for making this full gothic, full modern, or anywhere in between as far as when goes.

The Coyote of Atkin

Outlaw & Upper Class Character​

They had planned for every possibility. Went through exactly how this heist should go down. Where to find the jewelry and the bonds. When the rich man kept his gold and where his wife kept her pretty necklaces. It should have been straightforward. Quick and easy money followed by a night of celebrating - they would be one step closer to living the life they always wanted

They rode in under the cover of night. The posse had always been small, but they were enough for the job before them. The house should be empty - the rich man and his wife in the city for a play, the children gone to the sister of the wife, and the ranch hands out at the local bar. They stole what they could, even found several bars of gold. It went exactly as planned… except when they found someone staring at them in the darkness. One of the rich man's children had not gone with the others. Their oldest - the outlaws noted. The adult heir to the family fortune, born years before the others to a different wife.

They would never admit it, but the posse panicked. They couldn't afford the law to come after them at the moment, not with everything they had stolen recently. They knocked the heir out and tied them to the back of one of the horses and fled. They would figure out what to do with them later. It only occurred to them the next day that kidnapping the heir of a rich man - a man currently running for mayor - would be even worse than stealing from him.


For this one, I have the basic workings of a plot. The heir gives the posse - especially the main outlaw - hell while they try to figure out what to do with them. The posse are just thieves that lost their old livelihoods and are now in too deep. I figure the main outlaw falls in love with the heir/heiress and eventually convinces them to become an outlaw like them. However, I am absolutely open to other suggestions.

Honestly, just classic cowboy/western stuff.

In Memoriam

Assassin & Disgraced Knight​

It had been a year since they last saw their face - eyes closed forever in eternal sleep. It had been a year since the king exiled them in rage and sorrow for failing their duties. They could still remember the tears in the man's eyes, the wailing sobs of the queen, the blank stare of dread in the now crown princes. They had failed to save the princess when it mattered most. They had failed…

They could not bring her back, but they could find the one who took her away. An assassin they never saw the face of - only a glimpse as they jumped out a window. It took a year to find out who it was and where they would be. A year to follow the only clue left behind - a calling card. The thing was crumbled and destroyed and worn to bits from constant touch. It was all they had to find the assassin… and all they had left of the princess. Their armor had been stripped of her sigil, their cloak torn away, their sword taken by the king. They were naught but a vagabond now - disgraced and exiled.

It shouldn't shock the knight that the trail led them to such a dark place. A kingdom run by a tyrant where citizens fear for their lives in the shadow of the king's talons - his personal assassins. It was one of them that had done this to the princess and it was one of them that would face their end.


For this one, I have a whole bunch of plot bunnies. The main ideas I have however, are that the knight infiltrates the king's guard and gets close to the assassins - the King's Talons. They attempt to discover which assassin is responsible all while falling for one of said assassins - that assassin being the one responsible. The knight eventually finds out and wars with themselves over what to do. From there I imagine it can go many ways.

I'm absolutely open to make this one either medieval or fantasy. I think I'm leaning more towards fantasy, but I'm open for either.

Ideas & Concepts
Below are just some ideas I thought up, but didn't really think of anything for them. Some of them are more in depth, but none of them really have a set plot or setting yet. Feel free to pick from these and we can create the idea together!

Please note that these are all working titles. In the case of The Silver Wave and Judgement, I simply named the idea after the ships.

The Silver Wave

Pirate Captain & Thief​

A thief for hire is given a strange job to secretly board a pirate ship, become part of the crew, and steal the treasure that the pirate captain is hunting down and has been for years. It should have been an easy job - if not a little dangerous - but things never go the way you want them to. The captain seems to have taken a keen interest in the thief for one reason or another.

The Covenant

Vampire & Vampire Hunter​

A coven of vampires caused problems for a city and the city hired a group of vampire hunters. Unfortunately, a vampire not a part of said coven has been captured for interrogation. Most of the hunters simply don't believe the vampire when they say they know nothing. One realized the truth - this vampire has no coven and could be a great asset in the fight to come.

Bloodline Secrets

Noble & Noble​

The world changed a lot over time and the creatures of the seas, the forest, and the skies soon found their new homes amongst humans. Nothing is left of them - or so most people think. In reality, their blood still runs through the veins of seemingly ordinary humans who would do everything to keep their bloodline a secret. The main characters are from noble families that descended from these old creatures.

The Price of War

Human Noble & Elf Soldier​

Humans and Elves have been at war for centuries. It seems there is no end in sight to the bloodshed and nothing has been won for either side and still, no end seems in sight. This siege was like any other - one side matched into a city and claimed it as their own after months of cutting off those inside. This time it was the humans that laid under siege. One character is a noble who desperately tried to find a way out of the city as the elves matched through the streets. They were caught by one soldier alone - the other character - someone who was uncertain of the war.


Smuggler & Runaway​

In the age of space exploration - where humans and aliens lived amongst the stars together - there is quite the market for those willing to sneak some contraband to different planets and space stations. One character captains a smuggler spaceship with a crew quite good at what they do. The other character is a runaway of unknown origins who seeks to get away from their problems in life. They paid the captain a hefty sum of credits to get them as far away from civilization as they could take them.

The Grand Scheme

Vigilante & Super Villain​

Some people are born with great powers. Some gain great powers through great deeds. Some stumble into great power through accident or misfortune. And some have no powers at all. One character is a minor superhero - a run of the mill vigilante that helps out the common folk. They have no powers beyond some simple, minor ones. Their enemies are just simple criminals that the cops ignore. They never should have caught the attention of a Supervillain, but they did. The other character - an infamous Supervillain with terrible but astounding powers - decided that this vigilante would make a perfect side kick. Of course, the vigilante took offense.

The Depths Below

Siren & Scientist​

Humans thought they were alone for a long, long time - that no other truly sentient life lived on Earth. Well, they found out that they were wrong - deep down below lived another species once thought to be myth and folklore. Sirens. They captured a whole clan of them and brought them to a secret laboratory to discover everything they could about them. Any scientists who thought it was wrong to keep them locked away mysteriously vanished - all save for one. This last scientist called for a student - the main character - to come learn alongside them. There, the student of the scientist came into contact with the other main character - a siren.

Below are just my general interests. I will update them as I think of more. Feel free to pick from any of these if you have any ideas or wish to come up with something together!

Ancient Civilizations (Egypt, China, Greek, etc.)
Apocalypse (Zombie, Natural Disaster, Alien Invasion, etc)
Cosmic Horror
Dark Fantasy
Fairy Tales/Folk Tales
High Fantasy
Historical Fantasy (Medieval, Victorian, 20s, 40s, 90s, etc)
Low Fantasy
Myths (Made Up, Norse, Greek, Roman, etc)
Southern Gothic/Horror
Space Opera
Super heroes
Time Travel
Wild west

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Hello May,

I'm very interested in your Witch of Holden plot.
Also seems like we have a few common interest as well.
Mafia. Myths, Paranormal, Sirens, Super heros, Vampires, Vikings and Witches.

New to Iwaku but been rping for over 10+ years and i'm excited to get back into it.