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  1. So I have about two weeks of classes left, and in that time I have to complete a final project for my drama class. I can do pretty much whatever I want as long as there is planning involved.

    The girl I've partnered with messaged me yesterday and suggested we do a scene reenactment from The Shining. I haven't watched it, but I did run to the store to rent it yesterday, so I'll probably do that tonight.

    Another idea I thought of today was doing some sort of mockumentary with the class. More of a group project but it could be super fun. We also have a guy in the class who is pretty good at video editing who could help out.

    I dunno. Opinions? Ideas? We're pretty up for anything as long as it's fun.
  2. For art class (we had to do something with modern media) some of my classmates and I did a dramatic tale of a potato on a journey to find his mother, who had abandoned him as a wee spud because he was so ugly. We had him journey through school in people's bags and stuff, but the problem was that because we took so long to film and we didn't have art class very often, he got soft a squishy, so while we were filming a scene where someone was supposed to accidentally kick him, he got smashed against the wall. We ended up having him being eaten by a magical paper unicorn as our final scene.

    So, you know, you could do something like that, just an idea....
  3. Do whatever seems the most fun to you.
    You'll get the motivation to finish it more and make it really good.
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  5. My friend did a mockumentary for her final drama video project by grouping up with a bunch of people and doing a step by step zombie survival guide, complete with some actually pretty convincing make up and lots of help from friends. Maybe something similar would be fun for you guys?
  6. Reenacting a scene from something you like sounds like a lot of fun.

    I always wished I had enough friends, cosplays, and editing/effects capabilities to get together with a bunch of people and try to reenact some of the flashes from Homestuck, for example...

    Actually, no. Not even me. Just anyone. I always wanted to see someone try this. Always thought it would be the coolest thing to see. o.o
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