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  1. When it comes to angels and demons they are pretty different. However when a demon and an angel meet there is a very odd attraction between the two. They try to ignore it... fight it... but nothing seems to work. Will these two manage to put a balance between good and evil?


    -Quick Character Info-

    Name: Stark Larkin

    Age: 200 (although he looks like he is 21)

    Height: 5'12" ft

    Body Type: Athletic/Muscular

    Species: Demon

    Personality: Tough, Stubborn, Mysterious, Short-tempered, Sarcastic, Is tough on the outside but soft on the inside. He can also be a bit arrogant. However deep down he is caring and protective and possibly... good deep down?

    Looks: (Pic Below except his eyes are red)

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  2. Ooh... This looks interesting, mind if I pair up with you as my first partner on Iwaku?
  3. I don't mind at all! I would be honored to be your first Iwaku partner! :D
  4. Yay! I'm glad! Want me to put a character sheet here then?
  5. Yep ^^ Just need to put down the same things I did: Name, Age, Height, Body Type, Species, Personality, Then Looks! Then I will post the link to the RP.
  6. Name: Serena Johnson

    Age: 100 (died when she was 18 though)

    Height: 5'5

    Body Type: curved hourglass shape

    Species: Angel

    Personality: Kind and caring, loyal, playful, and sweet in general, to represent the angels as best she can, although there is a secretly darker side to her.

    Looks: image.jpg (She looks kinda pervy I know but that's what I imagine her to look like)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.