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  1. but after seeing some of the rants I feel like my problems are nothing. Maybe it's because I'm older physically and mentally. Not more mature, just older. It seems like I don't assign enough weight to my problems compared to a lot of people on here.

    I have "normal" problems. Mortgage, bills, love issues, but, to me, they're not end of the world issues like on here. Maybe it's because I have an ex that acted like every issue was a world ender She was just as upset at her mom's passing as she would get at eggs being too runny (minus the crying).

    I'm probably an asshole which is why I feel this way or it's because I'm old and dead inside, I don't know. But I read some of these issues which are page long diatribes about how someone looked at you sideways and now society is so unjust.

    I'm not trying to downplay any one's issues or anything. It's probably because as you get older your optimism for life slowly deteriorates. I know it's probably a bit hypocritical, getting so worked up about people complaining about non issues online, which is, in and of itself, a non issue. What can you do though?
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  2. You're always safer assuming you're an asshole. At least that's what I tell my husband. XD
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  3. Well, rants are rants and because of that I believe they usually are taken to the extreme.

    I could probably make a rant about how my friends are all contenders for the worst human being alive award, or maybe turn that one time I felt kinda useless into how I'm a piece of dirt that doesn't deserve to be stuck into the shit of hitler, but that would be making a mountain out of a something smaller than an ant hill.
  4. That's usually what I hear. Lol
  5. Problems are still problems, and telling yourself that you don't have it as bad as other people can be a powerful tool in finding strength to overcome your own troubles, but never take it as a way to convince yourself you're troubled by petty and insignificant issues when the next thread over has somebody suffeering from anything ranging from abuse to identity issues. With that train of thought, you could even go further and say their issues are meaningless compared to the struggles people have in 3rd world countries, and so on. It isn't healthy.

    Seriously, if something is really bothering you and you need advice or people to talk to, don't hold back, especially if you think it might look silly compared to heavier stuff.

    I mean, I have Crohns disease and it's fucking awful, but I tell myself I'm lucky it's not cancer or AIDS or some such. Do you know how bad it would suck if I didn't talk to people when I hit my lows with it? My condition may not be a death sentence, but the impact it's had on me can be soul crushing, so much that I'm terrified of my own future.

    Point is, if you stay silent when you need help, you're going to suffer and make things worse for yourself. People are wonderful in the sense they have the capacity for empathy for all manner of personal struggles, no matter how small they may seem.
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  6. Some people rant because they need advice or just have no other place, doesn't mean that you are an asshole because you take things easier it means you are very strong. That's not to say people who rant are not strong, just expressed in a different way.
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  7. I AM an asshole, and there is nothing at all wrong with that. When things annoy me, I get rid of them, whether it bothers other people or not. Is it insensitive? Definitely. But you know what? It's better to piss someone off with the truth than placate them with a lie. If you think someone is ranting over namby pamby shit, than ignore it. People cope their their frustration in different ways. That doesn't make you an asshole for not liking how they vent, that makes you human.

    For example, when I'm stressed and going through things, I get rid of all the unnecessary B.S stress in my life to focus on what matters. Do I hurt people's feelings in the process? Yes. Do I care? To an extent. But you know what? My health and well being is more important to me than someone else's emotional state. I have four kids relying on me to stay sane, and they take precedence over everything. So if I have to tell someone to stop whining like a little bitch and grow a pair of balls to eliminate some stress in my life, you'd best believe I'm doing it.
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  8. This is my life. All day. Every day.

    You are not alone.
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