Maybe I should just tape a sign to my head reading "DOORMAT".

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  1. "It was but you convinced me to say yes."
  2. "Do you hate me for it?"
  3. you know, even though my old man has only ever rarely laid a hand on me in anger (and even then it wasnt really that bad) i still flinch whenever he raises his voice at me.

    even at 20 years old i still cannot look him in the eyes when he's pissed off and say anything but "yes dad"

    no amtter how nonsensical his demands (like turning my music down when i can whisper louder than it.......) all i can do is comply, because to react only makes things worse.

    i may have it better, but i tell you this psy.

    life eventually rights itself if you struggle hard enough.
    or at least, i hope it does.
  4. There's a bright word!

    Psy, I hope things get better, if they don't, call me. I'm always willing to help. Even at five AM.
  5. My Psy :(
    I wish I could do more to help you, like spirit you away to just cuddle with me and let me try to cheer you up with endless doting.