Maybe I should just tape a sign to my head reading "DOORMAT".

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  1. "It was but you convinced me to say yes."
  2. "Do you hate me for it?"
  3. Oh, and just to be clear. On the loose-power...any power but something like 'all powers' or 'all knowledge' or other almighty powers are allowed. The other 4 'strict' powers however can also be almost any power, but need to be more specific in what they actually do. Like shapeshifting. A loose-version would be to turn into anything, any size, any race, even non-living objects or weapons that fire. A strict version would be only humanoids, and they have to maybe be the same gender. Hmm...well maybe just humanoid. Not sure about stricting it to gender, or race (human and/or animal-human?)...that may be too strict.

    But you get the point.

    And if you want, I could give you a list of some good ideas to choice from. Although I do not want to know which ypu pick, and you of course can still select something off- the list. It just be a list of suggestions or ideas.
  4. Nope, I don't.
  5. "Ahh..." Alena shudder, "You never warm me up first.."