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  1. I would appreciate if you give me a chance, to perhaps, catch your fancy. A little flattery may not work in this realm, but maybe, just maybe, I could pique your interest? Excite you? No?
    Well let's get to know each other! I'am not only looking for someone to create worlds with, wherein the characters, who reflect us, be it someone who we desire to be, or the person we are now, but to become a companion.
    We can share stories, of old and new.
    Hear me when I say, I do love just gaining companionship, along with the bonus of having imagination sessions with you. I must sound like quite a drag... But I'd appreciate, if we can try, attempt in a blossoming relationship, the type that'll make you chuckle, your eyes sparkle, crack a smile in the toughest times-
    That'd be amazing.
    I can't say much, I should add that I am welcome to anyone. Though I may seem silent due to problems with the magical line we call internet, I'll make sure to refresh my page enough to see a notification.
    As for the ideas, I love unique ones. An exotic flavour, my dear, is always welcome.
    Have a good day or evening. Comment, like, love, private message- everything would be extremely and utterly appreciated. :candyheart: :bowtie:
  2. Hello, I would love to brainstorm and chat with you, if you would have me!
  3. T'would be a most interesting venture from the way you put it!
  4. That, sounds lovely! Right away my good friend!

    Another one! Well aren't you just beautiful people c: <3
  5. Yo, wanna brainstorm and chat?
  6. Of course! 'Hit me up!' as the youth would say :D
  7. Are you still full on rp's or could you use one more? (:
  8. I welcome everyone~! Please, just send me a message and let's get to know each other better!
  9. Im new to this and you post caught my eye. I would love to come up with something with you though.
  10. That was wonderful! Just wonderful! If you still have some time, I would love to build a world with you.
  11. Of course my dear! Send me a message and we can talk~!

    I always have time despite my sudden disappearances, which I will apologise for. Though I'll make sure to reply as soon as i can!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.