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Hello! I'm Max! I've finally come back to the roleplaying scene after a three month hiatus, and I decided that some 1x1s would be the easiest way to ease myself back into it. I've collected and created some scenarios and stories that I would love to RP. Before I list them, though, here's some rules. If you're interested in being my partner, please look at these!

Max's Rules
  1. Partner can't be over the age of eighteen. I'm a minor and I'm frankly just not comfortable RPing with actual adults.
  2. Fair warning- I don't roleplay heterosexual characters that often. I'm surrounded by heterosexuality in books, movies, tv, so I'm forced to create my own representation in media. If that's an issue then it's probably best if we don't RP together!!! (I'm not saying I won't RP heterosexual relationships with you, though!)
  3. No gary stus, mary sues, etc. You know the drill.
  4. I'm not picky about grammar or spelling, since I'm certainly not a perfect writer, but at least aim for a paragraph per post! I'll try to reciprocate. I understand if real life gets in the way, however- if you can only manage a few sentences a day for personal reasons, I'll understand.
  5. I'm not a dominant partner- I usually ask for permission OOC before I do anything drastic. If you'd prefer for it to be a surprise, then just tell me and I'll let the bombs drop without warning!
  6. No worries about posting speed! I RP in spurts- sometimes I'll shoot replies back faster than you can blink, and other times I'm too tired to do anything but a few replies a day.
Now on to the fun stuff!!! These RP ideas are either original or compiled from tumblr. I haven't saved the links to these but I could probably hunt them down if you had an urgent need. I'm open to RP all of these, so either send me a PM or just tell me below if you're interested.

#1: The Doll Maker

Muse A is a well-known toy maker, or rather, a doll maker to be more specific. They spend their days making breath-taking porcelain dolls that are incredibly lifelike. Frighteningly so. These creations are almost too real and make most customers second guess whether they should actually be purchased. Muse A would prefer not to sell any of their precious creations, but they must only to ensure that they’ll be able to continue with their art; after all, doll-making is a pain-staking and costly love. One day, Muse A receives a commission from a mysterious customer who promises to pay Muse A handsomely upon the condition that they use parts supplied by their own company. Muse A fancies themselves as a purist and is reluctant at first, but they can’t deny that the money they are offered would allow them to comfortably continue making dolls well into their twilight years.

So, Muse A accepts the commission and begins to craft a new doll with these imported parts. As they begin to craft, it quickly becomes apparent that this doll is different. From every fine hair on their pretty, little head, to their expressive eyes framed with full, long lashes, down to their cute feet; this doll is perfect. By the time this doll is completed, Muse A isn’t sure that they can sell it; they’ve become attached to their most perfect creation. Despite Muse A’s pleas to the wealthy customer, the buyer insists that they pack up the doll for shipping immediately and with a heavy heart Muse A complies. However, in the morning, Muse A discovers that the doll, Muse B, is sitting atop the box rather than inside where they’ve put them the night before. Muse B is curious to know why they were in a box so they simply ask a startled Muse A. Muse A is both frightened and amazed to discover that Muse B has come to life overnight.

#2: I Think There's A Fault In My Code
It's the year 2351 and robots are now common household items. They cook, clean, walk the dog, do your taxes- they're the most efficient of maids and they cost much less than human labor would. Character A is fresh out of college and orders a standard AI to clean and keep them company now that they live alone. The robot arrives the following weekend, neatly packed in cardboard and form. Four hours and many screws later, Character A has assembled their new mechanical companion. However, it soon becomes clear that Character B is anything but average. They're sentient. They have thoughts, opinions, feelings. Character A fully intends to return the robot and demand a refund, but for some reason, they can't bring themselves to turn Character B in with the knowledge that the robot will most likely be deactivated and recycled for parts. Character A decides to keep B, even though hiding a robot as dangerous as B could result in consequences far bigger than either of them realizes.

tl;dr a human falls in love with a sentient robot

#3 I Found the Devil (I Found Him in a Lover)
Character A has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, it's terminal. In their last few months of life, they push everyone away from them in a fit of childish rage. They're angry at the world for the hand they've been dealt, but after they realize that they took out that anger on the wrong people, it's too late. They're gone, and they're going to die alone without a friend in the world. Character A has always been interested in the occult, and in desperation, digs up an old book they bought from a flea market long ago. It contains a detailed list of satanic rituals, one of which will offer up their soul in exchange for a favor. I've got nothing to lose, Character A decides. It probably won't work anyways, right?

Wrong. They perform the ritual, and Character B arrives in a flurry of smoke and fire, scorching the floors of Character A's apartment. Character B informs Character A that they have summoned the devil itself, and that it's not too late to back out if they have changed their mind. Character A is shocked, but continues anyways. In exchange for their soul, they ask Character B for a companion until their death. Character B is shocked- most mortals ask for material wealth or beauty, not for something as simple as a single friend. Still, Character B agrees, and upon realizing how pure Character's A soul is, decides to fill the role of the companion. It shifts from its more monstrous form into something more appealing to Character A, and proceeds to throw itself into the role of a friend.

Character B soon realizes that A has more than just a pure soul- they're one of the kindest, most interesting humans B has ever encountered. B resolves to make A's last few months as amazing as possible. But as their time grows ever shorter, B finds that they're suddenly desperate to keep A by their side.

#4: I'm Bigger Than These Bones
On the night of your birth, the planets began to align and the stars shone brighter than they ever had before. On the night of your birth, the wolves began to howl, each shriek louder than the first until the air was filled with nothing but the raw feral sounds of the pack. On the night of your birth, the wind became the harshest caress and tore the leaves from their branches. On the night of your birth, you changed everything. You are destruction, you are chaos, you are love and hate and death, and you will make the world burn. The devil whispered in your tender ear as you were birthed, and he promised you the universe. You were born with the power of a god held in your soft fists. It is up to you as to whether you will use it. You are a kid on fire.

You, along with a select few others, were born with a power equal to that of a god. People born with this power quickly went mad with the abilities they held in their hands. It was too much for any mortal to bear, and most cracked, destroyed cities, blew up highways, and created natural disasters. The government now requires all people born with these abilities to be turned into the authorities as soon as their powers are realized. Character A's parents decided not to turn their child in, in the hopes that Character A would learn to control themselves with their help. But Character A failed. A few unfortunate bullies decided to kick dirt in their face after deciding that A was rather odd. Character A's anger rose and accidentally caused a minor earthquake, collapsing the school and killing ten people. At the age of ten, they became a fugitive. Their family went on the run from the law for years, until they were inevitably caught and killed. Character A got away when their family was captured and has been alone ever since. That is, until they meet Character B. Character A was at a grocery store when B burst through the glass doors, knocking down every stand in their immediate vicinity. Soldiers followed them but stopped when B grabbed A, threatening to burn the whole city to the ground, starting with this customer. Character A immediately realized that B was one of them and subtly lets them know that they are on the same side. What happens from there is up to you.



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I would love to do plot #2, it reminds me of the show humans and I absolutely loved that!

Just get back to me whenever you can~
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