Maximum Ride?

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Who here has heard of and/or read the Maximum Ride series

  1. Me! >w<

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  2. Maximum Who?

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  3. I've heard of it, but never read a book in the series. :/

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has read the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson, and would like to have a roleplay based on it. I have read four of the books so far(Starting from the second book. Stupid library.), and have purchased the first three manga books based on them. I was hoping to make it take place after the events of the scientists at the School actually succeeding in capturing and destroying Max and the gang, (Even if that's not how it ends.) and the start of a group of new subjects in The Angel Experiment 2.0. I know I haven't finished the series of book, but I just couldn't wait. Maybe this can be the start of something new?
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  2. I have only read the three manga books, but I have the rest of the manga series, so I should be finished with them sometime soon. ^^ I'm interested in this!
  3. OMG Yuss! I'm so glad you do! I've read the actual books 2-4 and have just recently purchased the first three manga books with a gift card to Barnes and Noble. I love seeing the art in the mangas, because it really fits what the books describe. I was talking to my cousin, and was mentioning have a Maximum Ride Rp. He had no idea what it was, so I joined this site in search of people who had heard of it, and liked it. Who's your favorite character so far? Mine's Iggy because he has such an attitude because he's blind, but still can take care of himself. Sorta... XD
  4. I definitely agree on the art; Maximum Ride manga has the most beautiful and detailed art out of all the manga's that I've read, IMO. My favorite character is either Iggy or Fang, I can't choose. xD
  5. Fang reminds me of a more romantic version of Batman, but with wings. XD
  6. I'm interested, we'd all get new characters right, I've read the books
  7. Yeah, make we'd make our own characters, possibly with different mutations. I've already made mine. His name is Cringe. (Real name: Christopher McIntosh.)
  8. Well I'm very interested
  9. Well, I'm sure we could make a one on one, unless you prefer something else. I've already started a one on one rp, but I'm sure I could start another.
  10. We could do that, I really like this idea, wanna take it to Pms?
  11. Sure, I suppose.
  12. If you don't want to you don't have to, if you already have one going that's fine
  13. No no no, I didn't man it like that. I just was confused. Did you mean to start a conversation and rp in it? Sorry, I'm a nob, XD.
  14. Well sorta yeah that's what I meant, to talk details and rp in pms, I've never pmd anyone on here or even know if that's what people do so lol
  15. Well, there is a one X one section. I can make one there, and make it private if you wish.
  16. Okay that works ^^
  17. Great, see you there.
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