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  1. Just advertising my availability for mature roleplays. I thoroughly enjoy mature romance rps with plots involved and even other genres like fantasy or modern or horror or supernatural. Always looking for new ideas to get involved in and for partners that can keep me interested and aren't afraid to add their own twists to the rp. I always play the female role and am willing to play with just about anyone; just talk to me about it.

    I write generally a paragraph in my replies, a lot of the times more depending on what I'm given. I don't like it when I get one sentence replies because that means to me that the rp is losing it's fire, unless, of course, a one sentence reply is all that can be managed. I'm just hoping to find my partners and friends that enjoy rping as much as I do and creating a story together. ^.^

    So, I'm available! Don't be afraid to shoot me a message here or PM me with your idea!
  2. im am looking for some new peolpe to rp as well as rps i can with a bit of time think of some rps or do you have any that you want to try out?
  3. you have an idea on what you might want to do?
  4. Um...not necessarily. I do want romance, but I'm not sure what genre I want to venture in to this time. ^.^ Do you have any ideas?
  5. I do have one I thought you'd like it's a MermaidxVampire romance; the vamp finds a mermaid caught in a fishnet and beached; he decides to put her on display in his mansion instead of releasing her back into the ocean
  6. Oh my god! That sounds so interesting! ^.^ I like it; I've never done that before. Who would be playing what? I have to warn you, though, I suck at playing a male.
  7. I planned on playing the vamp cause when I tried playing this plot with someone else they decided to go against the begining which kinda bumbed me out XD
  8. I bet, >.< I'm sorry that happened to you, but hopefully you and I can make this idea really exciting and fun, yeah?! Hehe, I'm excited to get started cuz it's such a new idea. Should we go head and make the thread?
  9. yes! you dont mind character sheets do you?
  10. I am not 100% sure what a character sheet is. Perhaps an example?
  11. Name:
    Appearance: depends on how detailed you want to get but i usually use the basics (see above XD), sometimes adding history if I have a good background story
  12. Oh, okay, I get it. ^.^ Do you want the character sheet to be made here or in the actual thread?
  13. the actual thread if thats cool
  14. Okay, I'll go ahead and set it up. How does "A Vampire's Treasure" sound for the title? Also, what kind of label should I give it like "Read at your own Risk" or "Soft Smut" or "Hard Smut" or "Romance Novel" etc.? What do you think?
  15. romance I think
  16. Cool. Okay, I'm making the thread now. I'll just go ahead and make my character sheet, okay?
  17. Update: I have this thread floating around that I made for me and someone else to do, but I think they forgot about it or they're not interested so it's up for someone else to take if they're interested in starting that RP with me. ^.^

    It's called "The Academy" and it was based off of a Jump In thread called "Bedlam Academy". This person and I were getting a little steamy in that thread so I made another so we wouldn't get in trouble. If anyone is interested, post a message here or PM me and we'll talk about it. I already made the thread and posted a general start to it. ^.^

    By the way, if any girls are interested in roleplaying with another girl, a girlxgirl love thing, don't be afraid to tell me. I do usually play a MxF relationship, but every now and then, a FxF relationship is fun. Keeping my options open, hehe.
Thread Status:
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