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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Astaroth, Apr 14, 2014.

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  1. Do you have a question or problem regarding MATURE CONTENT? If you want to know something about or are struggling with setting the mood, being an attentive partner, balancing smut with plot, or the finer arts of roleplay romance, just post here and a Professor or volunteer will help you!


  2. I have some trouble. I feel like I lack the usage of rather big words in the "Mature" department and that i lack in detail. I know I could be better than I already am but I could use... a little help per say.
  3. @Nightless

    What do you mean by "big words"? Could you tell me a little more about what you're having trouble with, specifically?
  4. More elaborate and more enticing words. I feel like I lack in knowledge.
  5. @Nightless

    Personally, since I use Firefox, I have Thesaurus.com saved as one of my search engines. Not only does this site give you the translation of the word you have looked up, but it gives you a slew of synonyms and antonyms to play with. It even lists the terms in order of how closely related they are to whatever word you have searched.

    To make things even easier, Thesaurus.com even provides a couple of useful buttons. One automatically separates the Common synonyms and antonyms. The other picks out the Informal terms. Don't get me wrong; one can easily be carried away with throwing in obscure words that hardly anyone would commonly know. (Stephanie Meyer, for example, basically abused a thesaurus for her work.) Variation in one's writing is important, but if someone needs to use Thesaurus.com or Dictionary.com to decipher your writing, you'll need to go back and simplify.
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  6. Thank you ^-^
  7. I suck at being a submissive, all is good and fine when Im the dominant..but as soon as the tables are turned my partner ends the scene quickly, I dont know how to be a good submissive and would Like some tips in a pm maybe since we cast post mature content here, and need an adult member to help me out with this, no teens please, thanks.
  8. Yuki, I would be willing to help you if you wanted to shoot me a pm. :)
  9. So I'm a decent mature writer, but I have this weird habit of writing in future tense.

    It's the weirdest thing, it doesn't really impact the message, it just makes it read weirdly. I can't even notice I'm doing it until I closely examine my post or someone points it out.

    Anyways, how do I stop myself from reusing the same terms over and over again in my posts?
  10. Be descriptive, and go to word hippo. :) if you catch yourself using the same word type it into word hypo and see all the different words you can use for that one word, at least is how i do it.
  11. I would say the best thing to do is keep a thesauras open in your tabs at all times. It's an easy way to learn new words. As for the future tense, I think developing another tense out of habit might be the best way. Keep correcting it until it becomes second nature to write in present or past tense. :)
  12. What are "dirty euphemisms"? I know what the definition of it is but I don't know what kind of words would be recognized as a "dirty euphemism" during a sex scene. What are some examples of them, if not the most commonly used kinds for different regional parts?
  13. @Ozzie Chanter posted a guide in the Institute called Ten Reasons Why Your Sex Scene is Terrible.

    The first bullet is "Silly euphemisms," and to the right of it is a list of some really, really, awful sex euphemisms.

    Things like "bearded clam" and "meat muffin" are clearly awful. Generally speaking, it is more acceptable to just use straight-up terms. Dick and pussy are perfectly fine. Penis and vagina are fine. There is a fairly short list of other euphemisms which are also usually okay.
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  14. If hot pocket isn't on that list it isn't complete.
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  15. Nobody ever said it was exhaustive lol
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