Mature Harry Potter Romance (pre-Voldimort)

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  1. I love 3 sentence's or longer replies and no less then 4x a week. I try to post more then once a day but sometimes I just get really busy and can only post once a day. I do like to do lengthy replies but that is hard to do if you only give me one liners. I make an exception if we are having a conversation because well you can only write so much about talking to someone.

    If you have any idea's would love to hear them but I would like pre-Volidmort I don't mind if he is at Hogwarts but I don't want him in power yet. I prefer somewhere along the Grindelwald's rain of terror but don't have to go that far back if you like. We play in Hogwarts preferably students but can do professor easily enough, I am from Slytherin house no matter what so please be in another house but okay if you're Slytherin too.

    Well guess that's it I watch my screen eagerly waiting replies!
    Will do sensual scene's in detail so just a warning.
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