GROUP RP PLOTTING [MATURE] Femslash(or Yuri) Anthro(or Furry) Romance

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So um lately I have been in the mood for a femslash(female and female pairing) anthro romance roleplay. I don't neccesasirly have a plot at the moment but ideas are welcomed. Also like I mentioned in the title, this could possibly be of the mature rating if interest leans more favorably towards it. Though I don't have a plot, I do have some ideas for characters, or at least pics, that I would like to see played but won't be disappointed if they don't. However, don't restrict yourselves to only these pics.
Fox Girl
Fox Girl #2
Wolf Girl

Wolf Girl #2
Wolf Girl #3
Bunny #2
Squirrel Girl(no not that Grea Lakes Avengers Squirrel Girl)
Squirrel Girl #2

*blushes* Well um folks they're ya go. Like I said, don't be restricted to my suggestions and please feel free to add your ideas to this hopeful brainstorming session. Depending on interest, this may be a group mature roleplay or a nice low key sweet romance story. Though if this does become a group mature roleplay, I would like to make it a romance story rather than all out smut. ^^
Tempting~ I haven't done a Furry RP in a loooong time...Its been looked down upon a lot lately...I'm willing to give it a shot though it you want. I even have a sort of idea...
Sure, I'm all ears for your idea. ^^ And you sure you wanna join a femslash/yuri? *has read roleplayer's resume*
Yes I am perfectly fine with F/F, I'm looking to expand my skills so I'm taking on roles I'm not used to, like someone attracted to the same sea and such. Anyway I had an idea for the wolf characters. i was thinking that maybe one character could be an alpha female on the hunt and runs into another female from a different pack with her young(father of those young dead). They form a sort of bond and start to fall in love and such. I am hoping to play the mother wolf if possible.
*tilts head* potential lolicon? *eyes widen and beams*

I like that idea of yours, and if I misinterprete it then my apologies.
Well, I didn't mean it in a lolicon sense really...I meant that the mother and the alpha would be together.

However, I'm will to toss ideas around so don't feel like I'm knocking you down right away.
Haha no worries, loli is not something that isn't very comfortable with most folks around these parts.

Perhaps the mother wolf's young daughter plays a role in bringing the alpha female and the mother wolf together. ^^
That's what I was thinking! 8D
Awesome! :D I think I may just call the young wolf then. ^^ I'm thinking that I may have her as a very affectionate child with all the innocence that may come out of her bieng a child. Wow, I hope that sentence made sense. @_@
Yay~ As long as I can play the mom I have no problem with it. Will you also be playing the alpha?
I have no objections to you playing the mom ^_^ Though I may wait and see if someone else wants to play the alpha. I haven't played a child character before so it'll be a new experience for me.
Alright then, if no one comes along though will you take the role? It might be a little pointless for me to play the two love birds >.<
Sure, I won't have any problem with that. ^^ We may have another player too that might be interested in playing a fox. :)
I'm sort of interested...I don't know. I may join.
Awesome ^^ Nice to have you aboard possibly. Feel free to throw any ideas out if you may have. :)
This sounds fun. I'm would like to play a fox.
And there she is :D

Oh Vixen, are we still going to do the fox falling for the little wolf? If not that's fine with me. ^^

And don't be afraid to throw ideas out there. :)
Awesome ^^ well Zombie, I just might be playing the alpha female :) Oh kiddo, what animal were you planning on your character being?
Alright then~ 83 I'm cool with that!