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  1. Matched.. Placed.. Perfection..

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    WELCOME SUBJECT #937546-78 to Society's Database.

    In the society before ours, everyone had technology, too much of it, and the consequences were disastrous. Now, we have the basic technology we need – ports, readers, scribes – and our information intake is much more specific. Nutrition specialists don’t need to know how to program air trains, and sorters don’t need to know how to research diseases. Such specialization keeps us from becoming overwhelmed. We don’t need to understand everything. And the Society reminds us, there’s a difference between knowledge and technology. Knowledge doesn’t fail us.

    The Society chose to build itself on the motto that perfection is the only thing that truly keeps you safe.


    • [​IMG]
      Modern Warfare was always a growing concern for the world back before Society existed. Nuclear weapons were owned and operated by almost every country in the world and could destroy land and families with a single push of a button. Though the world kept spinning and the world leaders maintained a peaceful composure a secret was with held from the public. That secret would later change the fate of the world. May 18th 2016, The day the world ended. It was on this very spring day that the first nuclear missile was fired. Though the country that fired first was never discovered, the first hit was Saratov, Russia. The Russian government returned fire on the United States blowing up Los Angeles, California. The United States was outraged and the world was sent into a state of panic when the two world super powers began to fire rapidly, each trying harder and harder to out do the other. The violence didn't end there and it spread to hitting Western Europe and Northern Asia before the entire world was brought into the matter. That secret from earlier? Was an underground bunker made specifically for protection from nuclear warfare. Several thousands of people were taken and safely transported to the underground bunkers and kept safe under the world for 2 years. When the last bomb exploded the group emerged from their underground bunkers to see a world that had been destroyed. Animals had gone extinct, radiation was heavy in the air, and the world seemed dark and bleak. This was when Society was born. The thousands of people used the technology they had left to re build and begin a new life, one with out war or nuclear weapons. This new world was built on the foundation that war was evil and perfection must be maintained at all costs. Feelings became 2nd to perfection and the world was rebuilt and renewed in the year 2024.
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      Society today is a modern and sophisticated utopia based on perfection. It is in Society that people are safe, equality is always there. The government provides you with everything you need to live a perfect life. Everyone has the same house, which has a government installed video camera which monitors you at all times. It also allows you to be able to communicate with the government when needed. You no longer work for money, only to help further the community. Pets are allowed if you put in a request form. Allergies no longer exist and most medical diseases are treatable, if they are unknown they are killed off. Schools are controlled by the government and only teach children general knowledge. When they turn 16, Children are considered adults and are given a specific job and begin training for their job. When people reach the age of 17 they are matched with their spouse and are given a time of courtship, in which they are allowed to somewhat determine their spouse as acceptable or unacceptable. If acceptable they are married at the age of 21. If not they are re-matched and then married. You work. You raise a family. You die.

    • Here in Society we have certain rules that must be obeyed

      1. No Running
      2. No sharing of food
      3. Members of the Society have to abide by curfews. There is a warning bell that rings five minutes before curfew.
      4. All food preparation, distribution and clean up cannot be handled by machines. Only people are allowed to complete these tasks.
      5. Picking flowers is forbidden.
      6. Growing food without Government authorization is forbidden.
      7. Trading is not allowed.
      8. {You get the point}

    • Main World Overview




    But yes the basics of the role-play are that 8 teenagers rebel against the ways of society and over throw the crooked ways of the Society that confines them.

    *Inspired by the book series Matched*
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  2. I be interested in this! It sounds pretty darn cool.
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  3. @Cerillia thank you! If a few more people are interested then I could make a sign up And ooc
  4. I absolutely loved the Matched series. I'll be following this.

    EDIT: Your welcome!
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  5. 2 more male spots open!!
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