Master X Slave

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  1. Mkay well... Um...
    The plot is obviously master x slave and I've been wanting to try this smut rp in a LOOONG time and so... Yea my character isn't gonna agree to the sex part So its gonna be a rape rp ( again I'm just trying something new)
    And it would help with the plot if you show no mercy for the maid a.k.a. slave

    Jessica Taylor
    Age: 19
    Occupation: Maid


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  2. Hey! It looks like you have a starting post up, but this is a sign up and request thread. I'd suggest saving the opening post for putting it into a thread in the Libertine area, while leaving your CS here to find a partner : ) You'd have to take the RP out of here, after all.
  3. Thanks c:
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