Master of the Masks

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  1. Funny how I'm going to spoil a fair bit of post-anime Mahoiku stuff in Disaste- oh wait I'm the only one here who indulges in that.
  2. I love that!

    I love the stanzas and cadence. The wording is awesome and this part is my favorite

    "Silently you wish for someone
    Someone to understand
    And yet... your are afraid
    Afraid of being rejected
    Cast out into the world
    Alone and unprotected"
  3. Ah, a sad one. :[ I personally liked it because I can relate (there's a lot of those people in high school, hahah).
  4. Ah, yes. The masks that people wear everyday to preserve their egos.

    Which reminds me, I'm currently taking a course in effective communications. Most of the street cred one earns comes from how well he/she expresses himself.