Mass Murderer

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  1. The full moon illuminated the city of Vespyr, where it was always nighttime. A boy stepped out of a dark alleyway onto an empty street. He licked his fingers, smiling deviously.
    No one would ever suspect a thing... a seventeen year old boy a mass murderer? No way. Not even an emo boy like himself could be suspected of anything so... brutal!

    His pale skin had a soft glow from the moon, his dark green eyes looked black from the shadow of his black, emo-styled hair. He quickly examined his black zip-up vest for any blood stains. He adjusted the black belts crossing over in an "X" formation on his chest, then dusted off his black, distressed skinny jeans. His black Converse sneakers looked pretty decent, so he figured he didn't need any further inspection.

    The boy carried on, smiling in satisfaction to himself.
    It's late at night, the boy thought to himself. No one's gonna be out here at a time like this...
  2. With the small girl's belly filled and her mind fully cleared from distraction, she continued to slog behind in the boy's footsteps. The corners of her mouth fell in disapproval as the boy began to walk and his lips curved upward into a brash smile.

    Infrequently she would continue her nights just like this, entertaining her curiosity by vanishing and stalking strangers along the enduringly dark urban street. Despite her creepy behavior, it was often void of ill intention. She had loomed over the shoulders of many before him, like a shady guardian angel- but among more interesting kinds she was apt to become a part of the show rather than the background.

    As she lumbered sluggishly, her fingers stirred against a cloth she kept in her pocket temptingly and she lingered upon the right moment to finally reveal herself, if at all. She allowed her heels to grit along the cement of the sidewalk, hoping to ado the stale night air into vigor.
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  3. Think again, the boy sighed heavily. He took an abrupt stop and slowly spun around to face the stalking girl, giving her a dark grin when he met eyes with her.

    "Isn't it late for you to be out here all alone?" He hid his blood stained hand in his pocket and took a lazy stance. "There's a lotta freaks here at night..."
    The boy leaned forward a bit to speak in a quiet, chilling tone, "or are you one of them?"
  4. She admitted herself to the light of a bright streetlamp as he turned to face her. Her eyes were like two rocks of black onyx. They glittered subtly underneath the soupy green light. Although distinctly miniature in stature, there was a strange girth beneath her coat out of place with her petite size. She looked at him with a scant expression then smiled, releasing a fetid and rotten breath.

    "How could I possibly be mistaken?" She scoffed with a caustic grin, leaning backward slightly on her heel. "Isn't it a little past curfew for someone of your age? Or was this a part of the assignment?" She reached into her pocket and extended her hand forward, holding a clean wash cloth and spoke almost tauntingly. "You don't want to dirty your britches, do you boy?"
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    The boy, immediately growing paranoid from the woman's appearance, hid his insecurity with his continued sly grin.

    "I'd say I'm sorry, but... I'd be lying." The boy shifted his weight to the side.
    "Who are you anyway? Not everyday you meet a... a... what the hell are you?"
    Scoffing, the boy stepped closer to see her better. He took caution in mind, but a hidden dagger in his hand which was concealed in his pocket.
  6. She let her hand fall slowly as he made his advance. She held the cloth somewhat close.
    "There's no need to apologize friend. You never get anywhere in life without stepping on a few stones." She eked a throaty chortle.
    "Well i'm just like you, so let's not be strangers boy. You have a name don't you?" She smushed her toes against the concrete, the rubber of her boots grinding against the sandy grit.