INTEREST CHECK Mass Effect Roleplay?

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  1. So as the title says I'm interested in starting up a Mass Effect roleplay. I have some ideas, most involving Cerberus as the main enemy, or post-game. I just want to see if I would get any interest in any other ME nerds out there before I go scrambling through some of my old documents to see if I can find the plots.
  2. This is Commander Cerulean and this is my favorite thread in all the forum.
  3. Haha, yay!

  4. Now, would this be within the ME universe or an alternate?
  5. I'm in. I would think it best to do a story parallel to the game's story.
  6. Hm... I suppose that would be best so then we could kind of just do whatever we wanted, instead of having to rely on the game too much.

    I had the idea of a villain who would sort of be like Seran in the sense that he was part organic part machine, who would try and be converting the world over into synthesis.
    Any thoughts?
  7. It would be plausible, especially if the game were to take place more towards the end of the series.
  8. True. However, if this is towards the end of the game, how would we be able to go up against this villian if there is something much larger going on? (Reapers) Unless the villian a apart of Cereb, in which case I think that is totally fine with me. =)
  9. Sorry, I wasn't very clear. I meant in the latter half of the series. Perhaps between two and three. Honestly though as long as you can explain everything I'm fine with it.
  10. I agree.

    Hellion just needs to pick what happened, who died, etc, and we can go from there. =)
  11. So when exactly have we decided to have it? After two and before three? During three?
    I'm not clear on when.
  12. As GM it would be whatever you want. I was merely stating what time period within the games made the most sense for what you stated you wanted to do.
  13. Princess Luna is right, I just wanted to work out the ME events (depending on when you have it taking place) so I can plan my character accordingly.
  14. Hm.. I'm thinking we'll start near the end of ME 2.
    That way we have some space to move around before the Reaper invasion.
  15. Alrighty. =)

    So what has Commander Shepard done so far? Did he save the council? Did Ash or Kaiden stay on Virmire? Did Wrex bite the dust? =D
  16. Haha.

    Okay let's see;

    - Male Shep ; Hero History ; Paragon

    - Saved the Council

    - Saved Ashley on Virmire

    - Wrex Lived (Because he's 10x better than Wreav)

    - Shepherd will have destroyed the Collector Base (Just for future reference)
  17. Cool beans!
  18. Awesome, let's get an ooc started up.
  19. Okay, that goes in the Sign-Ups, part of the forum right?
  20. Yeah. Have you gmed an rp here before?