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    "Dictation is never Peace..."
    Cerberus - also known as terrorists, and blighters on the galaxy have recently been growing in strength, and are beginning to expand. Even though the recent events of Project: Lazarus as thrown them back financially they still have a great amount of resources that they use to their own will. Now with Shepherd working for them, and dealing with the Collectors they've been having enough time to do more projects like Overlord, or in a recent case a project known as "Project: Arbiter" with one of their own operatives Rupert Goldstein offering to give up his own life to fuel a conscience built geth - more commonly known as "Terminal". However the project backfired when Terminal rebelled against its human masters and fled away. Now with anger it has decided that it must do everything it can against this organization. That means building an elite team; made up of an Asari, a Yahg, and a Quarian (of all things.) Now will these four be able to put a dent in one of the biggest organizations in the galaxy?​
    "But it is a means to an end."
    ** Please only join if you've been given direct permissions.
    Character Sheet
    Bonus Power:
    Romantic Interest:
    The Team
    Name | Age | Gender | Species | User/Played By
    "Terminal" | 31 Years | Used to be Male | Geth/Human Conscience | Hellion
    Naron'Teel vas Shellen | 26 Years | Male | Quarian | samanthinator
    Darsia T'Laïne | 293 Years | Female | Asari | Old Sport
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  2. Name: Naron'Teel vas Shellen
    Age: Twenty six
    Gender: Male
    Species: Quarian
    Class: Engineer (Quarian male from ME3's multiplayer mixed with a couple of Tali's drone powers in-game.)
    Bonus Power: Arc Grenades
    Personality: Like most of his people, Naron is very selfless and group-oriented. He's trusting and loyal, but quick to anger. I don't have him fully developed yet, so I'm not sure about the rest of his personality, but I'll edit this section as we roleplay.
    Biography: Naron was born and raised within the Fleet, and with both parents being engineers, he quickly adopted their interest in technology. His proficiency for combat was discovered while he was on pilgrimage; he fended off a few vorcha mercenaries all by himself. When he returned, he joined with the Migrant Fleet Marines and became a soldier. His knowledge of the technology and the Geth made him an obvious choice for this mission; he was going to be investigating rumors of a geth-human hybrid seeking assistance in taking down Cerberus.
    Appearance: He's about five foot nine, three pointed fingers on each hand, slimly built (compared to a human), with legs naturally bent backwards. As a quarian, he's trapped in an environmental suit except in sterilized environments. Naron's suit is designed for combat, and made with harder materials than most civilians suits. Most of the material on his suit is black, with the decorative cloth accents being blue and silver.
    Lin'teel: mother. Engineer on the Rayya.
    Karal'teel: father. Chief Engineer on the Rayya.
    He keeps contact with both of his parents, of course, and has a good relationship with both.
    Romantic Interest: None yet
    Misc: He's pretty fond of his grenades.
    (( Really hoping I did this right. Tell me if I need to add anything... ))​
  3. Name: Darsia T'Laïne
    Age: 293
    Gender: Female
    Species: Asari

    Class: Vanguard
    Bonus Power: Shockwave

    Personality: Darsia is a reasonably likeable young asari. She gets on well with the majority of people, although sometimes she can be a little obnoxious—particularly so when drunk, which is a frequent occurrence whenever she gets a little downtime. She excels in the fine art of getting her own way, and like many asari her age she's by no stretch of the imagination afraid of using her sexuality to get what she wants. In spite of her chosen career as a mercenary, she is surprisingly loyal and often sticks with her chosen cause even when the other side offers her more money. Of course, if it seems like the other side is going to win... well, Darsia is no fool; she knows a losing battle when she sees one and won't stick around if things turn sour.

    Biography: The daughter of two asari (which is a fact she keeps under lock and key), Darsia was born on Thessia and lived there for a little over half a century before her wanderlust became overwhelming and she struck out for Illium. It was here that she took up security work for a pharmaceuticals company, and here that she discovered a taste for violence. For a short while she was involved with the Blue Suns, but soon found that she preferred working solo. It turned out to be a simple trick, bartering for passage on one of the many ships bound for Omega, where she made a name for herself and developed a partnership with a drell who called himself Amonkira. They worked together for several years, even doing occasional jobs for Aria T'Loak when her own mercenaries didn't want to get their hands any dirtier. Though there was plenty of speculation about her relationship with the drell, they were never anything more than close friends. Amonkira was, to the best of Darsia's knowledge, tortured and killed after the pair were caught trying to steal data from a Cerberus facility. Like her pureblood heritage, the fact that she was too much a coward to go back for him after she escaped is a secret that she guards jealously. Since then, she's been wandering the galaxy taking jobs as and when the feeling takes her, and drinking heavily when it doesn't.
    Appearance: Darsia is slightly taller than her peers and looks taller still by virtue of carrying herself with pride that borders on arrogance, head held high, back straight... She is rarely seen wearing anything but her customised light armor commissioned from the Serrice Council, with an Acolyte pistol holstered at her hip. The armor is largely black, but in places, when it catches the light, it shines iridescent blue-green like a peacock's feathers.

    Family/Relatives: Alayris, her mother and Merina, her father, both still living and working on Thessia... or at least, as far as she knows. She hasn't been back to the asari homeworld since the day she left.
    Romantic Interest: None
  4. Name: It goes by the name Terminal.​
    Age: It's currently thirty-one (31) years of age.​
    Gender: Though it's technically genderless, it used to be a male.​
    Species: Geth; but with a human conscience.​
    Class: Infiltrator - a mix of tech and weaponry.​
    Bonus Power: A combat drone in which it has nicknamed "A-7" (the unit it was stationed in when it worked for Cerberus.)​
    Personality: Terminal is not what you'd imagine a geth being like (though this is probably due to the fact that it does have a human mind controling it.) It is something that can and will feel emotions; loss, suffering, hatred, friendship, love, all of the emotions that a human would feel. Locked inside of itself there is a great amount of revenge for the torture that was bestowed upon it during the time that it was studied on. It has only one true desire in its life - to watch Cerberus burn. (And also to reclaim its body and try somehow to regain its humanity.)​
    Biography: (Work in Progress.)​
    Appearance: It looks like your average Geth, having a curved head with a light at the end (think of it looking like Legion). Except the only major difference is its colouring. It's mostly gold with some black lining it as a secondary colouring. Due to a shot in the left leg it has a gapping hole there in which sparks tend to fly when it runs / walks fast.​
    Family/Relatives: Rupert had two younger sisters Emma (17) and Rachel (25). But Terminal considers itself to be alone.​
    Romantic Interest: Due to the fact that it's an "it" no.​