Mass Effect (1x1 OR Small GRP.)

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  1. Okay so as the title suggests I'm looking for someone to roleplay Mass Effect with me. I already have one roleplay here which is going fine, and I used to have a group ME roleplay which died out. But I'd really like to start something up again, whether it be a one x one or a small group all depends on the interest given. As for the character(s) that I use, I have a list of them in which I'd love to play out. (Feel free to PM me or post here if you'd like to see the list.) You can post here with which one you'd like to roleplay with, if you have any suggestions towards a plot, if you have your own character that you're wanting to use, or whatever. Basically as long as you know (and love) the games and are wanting to roleplay them, feel free to post here!

    - Hellion (:​
  2. Oh, me! I'm totally interested. I've never done a ME roleplay before... the last one I signed up for kind of fell through before it even started, so the Asari character I planned on using isn't particularly fleshed out. This is as good an opportunity as any to give her a chance to stretch her legs, though, and for me to do some more work on her backstory.
  3. Great! I have a character which has just recently come to mind as well:

    But if that doesn't suit your fancy I could always come up with something different.
  4. Ah, that sounds like a really interesting concept! The character I planned on using is a freelance mercenary so in theory the geth/human could enlist her help for that reason.
  5. Great (and thanks.) That works out really well, he'll (I'm calling him a he because that's what his human form is) no doubt want to hire your character onto trying to find his true form, and to be free of the Geth. Do you have a preference of when this takes place, (in a AU, before the game, during the game, after, etc..) I tend to either like anything other than before, but it really doesn't matter much.
  6. Sounds good! I think I'm more inclined for the setting to be during the game, if that works for you?
  7. Works fine for me! I'm thinking maybe it should take place during the gap between the first and second game, or maybe during the second game. As that gives us some space to move before the whole Reaper invasion. (Plus I kinda want to include Cerberus somehow in my character's history. Maybe he could be connected to a previous trial of Project Overlord? (If you've played the DLC.)
  8. During the second game would probably be ideal for me, since it's freshest in my memory. I haven't played any of the DLC for it, though! I'll have a look at the wiki and familiarise myself with the basics. I like the idea of there being some kind of Cerberus involvement, as well. Sounds about right... xD
  9. I'd be extremely interested in participating in this little group of yours Hellion if you'll have me! I have a few character ideas that I'd like to consider for awhile longer before mentioning. As for when the roleplay would occur I concur with Old Sport, sometime during the games would be good for me.
  10. Sounds good to me!

    So do you guys want to have a group, or two 1x1s? I'm fine with it either way.
  11. I think a group would be good for me... I can be a little unreliable with 1x1s, guilty as charged.
  12. Yes I think I'd prefer a group in this instance. xD
  13. Okay awesome!

    So Saint; what kind of character do you think you'll have? (S)he will have to run into my Geth and Sport's Asari merc somehow. (Assuming of course that my unnamed character as hired her yet.)
  14. Well I was actually wondering if you'd mind me playing a Yahg? I was thinking that my character could have been one of the Yahg taken off world by Salarian research teams. Eventually escaping and becoming either a member of Cerebus or a criminal of sorts. Haven't decided. Ideas?
  15. Haha, I have a Yahg character as well! (Except the ones that took him were Turians.) He's in another offsite roleplay. (:
    So yeah I'm perfectly fine with that. Not sure how he could become a member of Cerberus though, considering that they're a bit to human centric. But I can see a character like that grouping up with some mercs, or maybe the Krogan?
  16. I think I'll join in with this group, if that's okay? Probably as a quarian tech of some sort, maybe a human?
  17. Yep, you can join in.
    I think that a Quarian would be interesting, especially with me playing a Geth Hybrid.
  18. Oooh, is that a little quarian/geth conflict I smell brewing? xD

    I'd never heard of yahgs (what is the plural of 'yahg'?) before but they look freakin' sweet.
  19. That's what I was thinking. I'm gonna go scurry off to do a little research on Quarians.
    The current set-up you guys have works for me. c:
  20. There's one in the Shadow Broker DLC in ME2. (:
    And the plural is just 'Yahg'.

    Okay, I'm going to get the OC set up and I'll post the link here when it's done!