Mass Dimensions: A Rift in Reality

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  1. Time, Space, and Sanity. Why do they all pause here? Is there even a "Reality" Anymore?
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    We find ourselves as young adults. Two young adults with nothing better to do with our time than smoke, drink, and party. Then again we could stay at home, read a book, and growl over what we are going to do for the next years of our lives other than survive.

    Meet Whitley.

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    She's different. Not your typical 24 year old woman. She likes to do the typical 24 year old woman things. Take a wall, go to the mall, and relax.

    The only thing that makes her different is that she can travel back and forth through different dimensions.

    Not a big deal really.

    Unless she can't get herself back. The dimensions are always different. One could be a complete aquatic world, the other defiled with poverty. One could be war-ridden, paradise, or reality slightly altered.

    Whitley needs something to tie herself to this world. With no family, no pets, and no friends, she needs an attachment.

    A witness.


  2. Don't worry. I got ya, Ili.
    Meet Chase.


    "Dammit man! It's ALWAYS the library with you! I swear! Every feakin' day its, 'oh! no gawys! i gotta go to the lie-berry!' You never have time to chill, man. Never."

    There was only one headphone lodged in Chase's ear. The other one was a pendulum, swinging back and forth in front of the red polo shirt he had on. Oh, how Chase was tempted to shove the other plug into his right ear. Oh how tempting it was indeed.

    "Listen, Mack. I told you. If I don't study, then how mah gonna pass History?"

    Mack Eirstein's took a swivel of the cherry Coke in his possession making an unnecessary gulping sound at the end of the liquid's journey down his throat.

    "You can always get a tutor, dammit!"

    "That question was rhetorical, genius. And a tutor is only gonna distract me from studying! You know that." he retorted. The swinging plug stopped its swinging when Chase caught it in between his forefinger and his middle. The black wire twisted through the two fingers. They intertwined released, then intertwined once more. As odd as it all appeared, the process was degrading Chase's stress.

    "Hell, they wouldn't distract me. Not if you get some ugly, nerdy dude to..."

    "...finish that sentence, and you'll earn yourself a black eye."Chase threatened. Mack stretched to his full height which was approximately 6'3. Too damn tall for Chase's comfort.

    "Fine. Be a little nerd and go to the library. But when I'm out there grabbing all the ladies, don't come whinin to me, man!" Mack hopped down the stairs of the library entrance after dapping Chase.

    "Wouldn't dream of it, dude." The library was immaculate. Some say it was forged from pieces of a destroyed, ancient Colosseum. There were marble pillars supporting the sides of the building; about three of them on each side. In the center beyond the stair case was a statue of a group of dolphins with water spewing from their blow holes. The water was blue, not at all like the clear water one naturally encounters.

    Chase had enough of observing the outer part of the building and made his way up the stairs two at a time.
  3. Whitley rummaged through the shelf of books and found nothing to her interest. As a matter of fact, she had no apparent idea why she was in the library in the first place. The library was quiet, sure, but so was the apartment. Then again, what kind of 24 year old girl wants to be cramped in her apartment all of her life?

    You know why you can't go out, Whitley. You know what could happen to you.

    The voice in her head was agitating, but it was nothing but her conscious. The conscious was right, of course. She could easily step out of her bedroom and fall into a world surrounded by bees or something of equal weirdness. Images of the portals locked into the sides of her brain, reminding her of the ride she had to take to get to those terrains.

    Blues, purples and silvers. Not to mention that horrible sonic sound that flew passed her every now and then. While she was traveling, she couldn't quite tell if her body was intatct or not. Sometimes, she felt part of the vortex; part of the colors, sound, and unnatural. Other times she occasionaly looked at her hands and saw her own pale skin in return.

    Whitley stood in a daze in the middle of a ailse of books, lost in a trance over the thoughts.

    "Yo. YO."
  4. The girl had finally noticed that Chase was trying to grab a hold of her attention. She was caught in some sort of spell for she wasn't moving at all. Her light brown eyes only stared directly into the atmosphere. Chase was perplexed but only because he needed to pass through that particular aisle to make his way to the next.

    "Yo. YO."

    The girl snapped in his direction. The trance was broken at last.

    "'Scuse me...I needa get through here." he said trying not to sound to nervous.
  5. "Oh! Oh I'm so sorry about that!"she exclaimed, gathering the books she had wedged in her hands. The books fumbled around in her hand. Straightening them out finally, she pushed her dirty blond hair from her face and smiled at the boy in front of her. "Sorry. Sorry."she repeated. The boy only looked back at her. He had headphones wedged in his ear and a blood red shirt with khakis.

    Headphones in a library? Whitley laughed at the the thought, but then it didn't seem so amusing seeing as though she was just staring off into space. Wiping the embarrassed blush from her face, she stood straight, getting the bend from her back.

    "I'm sorry. You can pass now. Sorry." she said, moving to the side.
  6. That's one. Two. Three.

    "Hey, listen..."

    Four. Five.

    Is she done? The girl had apologized to him five times for spacing out in a library. Although he had well forgiven her mistake after the first apology, it did not occur to him that it meant that strongly to her.

    "No, you're okay. It happens to everyone, right?"he asked through a chortle. The girl laughed along with him after she moved politetly out of his way. Chase took a decent look at her in one fell swoop. She had hair like the color of sand though the texture spoke its own story. They lay, those lucious waves of blonde on her shirt. Any sudden movement she made and the strands would soon follow after. Her eyes were brown; not intersting but not natural either. Chase thought not to think of that since his own eyes were brown. Her poise was straight with an air of nervousness. Pride wasn't something this girl took seriously and Chase admired that.

    "I'm Chase."he blurted in mid thought.
  7. "Whitley."she replied with a smile. The boy was nice and seemed to enjoy the library. He knew exactly where he wanted to go, so she knew that he was there for a reason. "It was nice meeting you."she said abruptly. Chase only looked at her back peculiarly. Whitley almost had the notion of looking down at her self to determine if there was anything wrong with her. Did she seem off to him?

    One look at the clock on the far side of the wall read 4:53. I have to get going!

    "I...uhh...hope I see you around."she said unsure and quickly left the boy with a small bow. A bow. Whitley swore to herself in her head as she made her way over to her cubicle where she placed her things. I hope I see you around? What kind of exit is that? Stupid...stupid...

    Gathering her jacket and the books she had already checked out, Whitley made her way to the entrance without looking behind her.
  8. Don't go, Chase. Don't don't don't. You need to study.

    Chase wasn't too preoccupied with his studies. All of his attention was on Whitley and her exit. His instincts told him to follow her, or offer to walk her home. Then again, he was failing Mr.Copland's class with a D. Tied between the two, Chase found himself pacing in the ailse she was only a few seconds before. He knew that if he stood here, she could complete disappear forever, and all he would have was this memory.

    No. Not good enough.

    With that mental conclusion, Chase sped up to the girl who was walking briskly out of the library. When she reached the doors, Chase had already caught up to her and ran up to her, sun hitting his hair when he stepped outside.

    "Wait, wait!"he panted.
  9. Whitley stopped suddenly when she heard Chase behind her. She had already neared the fountain in the middle of the library, but didn't quite make it downstairs.

    "Yes?"she asked, turning towards him. He looked out of breath, like he had just ran through a biathlon or something. Whitley smiled at him even though she wondered why he was here with her in the first place. "Did I leave something!?"she gasped. She through her hands down into her purse. Her fingers slipped around her phone, keys, pencils, a notepad, a chocolate bar. Everything important was there. Whitley blew a strand of hair from her face in relief. "Oh, never mind. I thought I was missing something important."she said and looked apologetically at Chase.

    Without so much as a warning, the area surrounding them in about a meter's residence suddenly grew bright with pink and purple lights. Withley's body stiffened. What? Now!?

    Chase only stood in place. The same panting expression was on his face and he was still bent over in a attempt to catch what little breath he had after running through the library. He was frozen in time.

    "Crap..."she said. The dimensions were swimming and she was about to be dragged into another one! Whitley knew that it was going to happen soon, but not this soon! She would be alone, in who-knows-where! Whitley bit her lip, contemplating on what she was about to do next was wrong or right. The lights swirled around and the eerie music was beginning to play. Without anymore thoughts on the matter, Whitley reached out and touched Chase on his hand once, freeing him from his immobilization.