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    Just finished binge-watching the 13-episode mini-series over the course of three nights.


    As a huge fan of the title already (Frank Miller is a comics god), I'm grossly impressed and satisfied with what Netflix has accomplished here. I have HUGE expectations for AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, and can't wait for them to eventually crossover with the big-screen Avengers. I especially can't wait to see Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk meet-up with, say, Spider-Man.

    Wow did he kill it, as did Charlie Cox, but my hat goes up to Private Pyle himself.




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    If you want good drama? Watch DD. IF you want well written charachters? Watch DD. If you want fight scenes that put hollywood to shame? Watch DD.

    This show blew me out of the fucking water and set me on island somewhere out in the pacific with how perfectly they played things. Every actor is fucking nailing it. No akward forced lovetriangles, all relationships felt entirely natural. The cinematography makes the entirety of hells kitchen seem like a living, breathing city unlike anything Gotham, FLash or Arrow managed. The little details are everywhere. Also, It was as much a Kingping Origin show, as it was DD's beginnings. Everything was handled so expertly. The child actors, my god, those kids were so talented. I expected to cringe, but they were fucking heartbreaking. The Parellels between Kingping and DD were so well played out.

    Did I mention the fights? Becouse holy crap the fights.

    I have rewatched it once allready. It's just that good.
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  3. This show destroys the other current-running and past-running superhero shows, going so far as to transcend the simple modifier of "superhero" show to being a truly engrossing crime-thriller. It's as critically acclaimed and well-deserving of praise similar to shows such as The Wire and True Detective.

    And man, that choreography...

  4. I've just finished episode 4.

    I have to come to the conclusion that the Kingpin is not a nice man o_o
  5. I have been avoiding the show for the simple reason that Affleck killed the character for me with that stupid movie. But, everywhere I turn, people are praising the new tv series, so I´ll give it a try today! I have 5 bags of microwave popcorn and 11 beers. I´m gonna watch it until I run out of one of them. My guess, beer first. :D
  6. IT is nothing like the movie. Nothing.

    Also, Marvel is so fucking on point. between DD and season 2 of AoS, I am a happy camper :D
  7. I'd like to point out a fatal mistake in this thread XD.
    DareDevil is a DC hero, not Marvel. And, from looking at the images and video, yes, we are talking about the same DD.
    There was a DD movie a few years back, when I was a wee tyke. It was good, and was my first superhero movie.
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. God dammit, my life has been a lie...
  10. YOU DUMB AS BRICKS YO. Always look shit up before making a claim like that.
  11. I'm normally not all that interested in Marvel, or superheros in general, but I heard about the new Daredevil show somewhere and I was a tad curious so I decided to give it a go.

    Two episodes in and I'm already in love, this show is soo amazingly good~

  12. What makes the show so good is the fact that they focus more on the gritty crime-drama before the superhero stuff. And there's character drama too, but no shoe-horning of love interests or anything at all. The characters feel like they evolve naturally with the show, and if you pay attention, Daredevil does too. His costume changes in tiny ways every time-- new gloves, new boots... It's really cool.

    Of course, there's the final evolution of Daredevil's costume, which I thought was awesome. Some more red, less armour, and we're in business!
  13. I know, that's exactly why I love it so much, I'm a huge fan of shows like CSI and whatnot. This is just like that, but the main character just so happens to have super human abilities; I think it's fucking brilliant.

  14. You're going to love the next Marvel show, AKA Jessica Jones. An ex-Superhero, Jessica Jones, decides to settle in in NYC and start up a Private Investigation Agency. She's super-sassy, smokes and drinks all the time, and takes NO bullshit.


    Not sure how they're going to fit in the superhero angle. In the comics, she has superstrength and flight, among other powers. WE SHALL SEE...
  15. Going through the tenth episode, I love it! Is epic.
    I saw a video on YouTube, about all the upcoming movies Marvel is going to release. Between Doctor Strange and Black Panther (what, what, what?) Inhumans got my eyes. I wonder who will play Lockjaw, though. xD
  16. The dog from MIB. Allready been to space
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  17. HEY GAIZ

    Why isn't Season 2 Daredevil going to be....

    Marvel's Daredevil: MARVEL KNIGHTS


    because, dammit, i want my Marvel Knights team up already

    bonuses to Body and Focus!
  18. Well I always thought DD was DC.
    But thinking about it now... The punisher is DD's villain... Punisher is marvel *Has Marvel's Black Widow and Punisher movie* FUUUUU

    It was officially announced that Daredevil is getting a SEASON 2!! For 2016, no less!!

    That means that this S2 could potentially come out before The Defenders. Which I'd be fine with!!

    So far, the current lineup is...

    Daredevil (Q1, 2015)
    AKA Jessica Jones (Q3 or 4, 2015)
    Luke Cake (???, 2016)
    Iron Fist (???, 2016)
    Daredevil Season 2 (???, 2016)

    and finally

    The Defenders (???, 2017?)

    In case you young readers aren't aware, The Defenders is where all 4 shows intersect and we get a street-level team-up of these superheroes!!

    Personally, I can't wait for them to show off the Brotastic Levels of Bro-ery between Luke Cake and Iron Fist.

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