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  1. Hello, my name's Samantha!

    Here lately I've been craving a few X-Men rps. I would like for them to be 18+ as it may go somewhat far but it doesn't have to be. I mainly do Canon x OC pairings as I find it more fun and interesting. So to be fair, I will play a canon to your OC unless you're fine with playing just a canon.

    Here are some of my current pairing craves (bold is the role I prefer. If not bold, I can play either role.):

    -Victor Creed (Origins version) x OC
    -James Howlett (Wolverine) x OC
    -John Allerdyce (Pyro) x OC
    -Wade Wilson (Deadpool) x OC
    -Remy Lebeau (Gambit) x OC
    -Suggest others

    But most current craving is for a Victor Creed x OC and James Howlett x OC in one. This being where my OC is paired with Victor and I play James Howlett (Wolverine) to your OC. So this would have a lot of plot twists and what that we could throw in and it would be 18+ (if possible). Already have a few ideas in mind (Doesn't have to be Wolverine).

    PM or post here if interested. Been dying for a few X-Men rps, especially the Victor x OC one and the Victor/OC-Wolverine/OC one.
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  2. Hello. I just wanted to let you know that you wrote your post in black, so anyone with a dark background can't see anything you wrote. :D Easiest way to fix this is to select the whole post, and click the "Remove Formatting" button in the upper left corner. That will get rid of the color, and reset it to the default color everyone can see. This will get rid of any bolding or italics you have in the thread, though!
  3. It was suppose to be the default font color but evidently not. Hopefully it's fixed now XK
  4. Yup, there you go!
  5. I've been craving a Wolverine x OC RP for some time now... Only problem is I really can't play cannon characters or I turn them into something they are not... Oh god I suck...
  6. @Wolfiethehybrid123 I don't mind if they're a bit different as long as the general personality is there.
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  7. @Sami then I'm afraid I'm not that good of a choice, I would up changing his personality completely, like I said not ever good with canon characters, sorry...
  8. @Wolfiethehybrid123 well if you change your mind, feel free to PM me. I'm always willing to work something out so that it works out so that any of my rp partners are comfortable.
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