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  1. So DC officially kicked off their New 52 cinematic universe recently with the hugely disappointing anticipated Batman V Superman film. The movie built A LOT of it's hype from a title fight that lasted for five minutes Snyder you bling blang snollygoster (it's a real word. Loooooool) They plan to follow this up with Suicide Squad (in theaters now), which I will no doubt be pirating, as well as Wonder Woman later on, which I will also be pirating. (If I pirate a movie from Cuba does that make me a pirate of the Caribbean?). And of course there's the Justice League movie coming up in 2017.

    Marvel on the other hand, have long been out of the block, building up their movie empire with Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk and all the others who weren't nearly interesting enough for their own movies. Marvel's built everything up pretty well, introducing their characters as individuals before actually throwing them together. DC on the other hand has more or less forced the characters together without giving us time to get to know our superheroes, all in an effort to catch up. Think Gal Gadot and her glorified cameo that would have neither added nor subtracted anything from BvS if we happened to blink during her scenes.

    I suppose the saving grace for the DC universe is their superior animated films, with gems like Justice League VS Teen Titans and Batman VS Robin (someone at that company has a fixation on the word versus) behind them and more potentially good ones coming up. So I guess the question is, what do you think of the DC onscreen universe so far (including upcoming movie trailers), are you repping for the League or the Avengers? And most importantly, what's your take on any Marvel/DC movie that you've recently watched?
  2. I gave up on DC in the moviemaking business years ago. And while I was never fond of Joss Whedon's writing, the Marvel movies were at least decent enough to view twice.

    So I'm not rooting for either, because the Avengers are 'eh' and the Justice League has no chance.
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  3. I find myself hoping beyond hope that Zack Snyder doesn't ruin yet another DC movie with incredible potential. The Justice League trailer has given me a bit of hope. They've managed to make Aquaman look badass at least. They have so much material to work with it would really be an injustice if they were to make another bad movie. Suicide Squad is also showing some promise, though I'm not so sure about Jared Leto as the Joker but I guess I'll come to a verdict on that after I watch it. As it pertains to the comics I've always found myself leaning more toward DC, especially the batman based detective comics.
  4. Not gonna lie, I don't want to get my hopes up. Suicide Squad seems promising, although I have yet to watch it, but DC has been known to flop horribly when making films. The animated films seem to turn out much better nine times out of ten.

    I think I'll stick with mostly Marvel films, thanks.
  5. Suicide Squad is currently sitting at 31% on Rotten Tomatoes.

    Apparently from one source, a guy who saw an early cut of the film absolutely loved it, and he was baffled by the theatrical release because the editing was ten kinds of fucked up.
  6. When it comes to the movies I have to hand it to Marvel. They simply have a successful and entertaining Cinematic Universe. While DC? It has the Dark Knight... that's it. Everything else is very 'meh'. That being said I haven't seen Suicide Squad yet, that seems to be taking a very different direction from DC's usual dark tone so we'll see.

    As far as TV Shows? DC does hold that arena rather solid, however hits like Daredevil Season 2 and Jessica Jones are giving Marvel a pretty strong foothold.

    I can't say anything in regards to the Comics though.
    Kind of impossible NOT to do when you've got fucking Khal Drogo.
  7. They're at 30% now. Lol. Well if everyone thinks it's that bad already after only one day of being released then it would be DC's second overly hyped letdown. In which case, I'll throw in my DC fanboy towel and just stick with the animated movies.
  8. I watched Suicide Squad a few hours ago (read: 8 PM EST) and I thought it was good. Of course, I'm not a critic, nor do I have aspirations of becoming a critic, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. :p Gotta remember that Critics =/= Average Viewers before you start judging something based off of the initial reviews.
    As for the whole Marvel vs DC thing, I like both pretty equally, though I generally have watched more Marvel movies than DC.
  9. While I have generally liked all the Marvel films, it irks me that everyone feels the need to constantly make comparisons between them and what DC is trying to do now. It's understandable given that Marvel came out the gate first for their movies to be considered some kind of standard, but the fact that the MCU comes up so often in the conversation about DC movies and that DC/Warner Bros themselves seem so concerned with tripping over themselves to fine tune each new release and make last moment edits at the first sign of them being received unfavorably suggests there must be some magic cookie cutter formula to making good superhero movies that you either get right or don't. DC movies can be their own thing and shouldn't necessarily strive to match the style, tone, writing, etc. of Marvel or any other cinematic universe.

    I just watched Suicide Squad, and to me it was literally the DC version of Guardians of the Galaxy. They have a lot in common, especially when it comes to their villains and the team dynamics between the protagonists. If anyone wants to say Squad was terrible, I'm going to need receipts showing they also hated GotG. That the two are so similar is somewhat disappointing in itself.

    Not saying the DCEU doesn't have other problems. Admittedly, none of its movies so far have matched the overall quality of Avengers or even the first Iron Man. Still, right now it's like DC just started high school and Marvel is its older sibling about to graduate that was a straight A student, star athlete and class president four years in a row. Nobody wants to give DC the chance to be itself and forego examining every move it makes through a hyper critical lens.

    If DC just had a little more faith in its vision and found the right people to bring it to life, I feel like a lot of their issues would be resolved. I'm not sure about the longevity of the MCU post-Infinity War (and with that not wrapping up until 2020 it may be irrelevant), but DC will more than likely fare better in a market that is not so saturated with Marvel-style movies. Surviving until then will be the main challenge, as it doesn't appear possible for them to beat Marvel at the game and come out on top as the best of the best in the current climate.
  10. DC is pretty much always going to be compared to Marvel. That's the price they pay for having waited so long to get out the blocks with their cinematic universe. They're pretty much playing catch up right now and that frame of mind is the first mistake they made. They're doing way too much to catch up with Marvel and not enough to please their fans. The Dark Knight trilogy was an absolute masterpiece, and I suspect that can be at least partially attributed to the time they spent to perfect it.

    Personally, I think they need to choose better directors and work more intimately with source material. If they make animated movies that are so good, then they can surely make the one's they put on the big screen great. Their hero lineup also has so much potential that they aren't actually exploiting. Batman is suppose to be the world's greatest detective and yet he barely ever does any detective work and his secret identity is found out by Superman and Lex long before he ever spared either of them a thought. All in all they're just making really bad choices and digging their own graves.
  11. I wouldn't be comparing DC to Marvel so much if DC weren't blatantly trying to copy Marvel's Avengers style.

    Like, I get the Justice League is a thing, and I get a movie of it could be awesome.
    But they're rushing to it big time. And there was zero sign right so ever of them pushing in this direction until Avengers had came out.

    DC saw Marvels success, and is madly trying to catch up to it for the same success without paying any attention to the time and careful planning Marvel laid out beforehand.

    If they just took their time, bothered to flesh out the movies and heroes they already have instead of just pushing and pushing it'd be fine.
  12. All I'm going to say about this subject right now is that DC should have played the long game, regardless of how reminiscent it would be of the MCU's set-up. They tried doing the reverse of what Marvel did by establishing too many story arcs way too quickly, and that ended up being a terrible mistake for them.
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