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  1. Hey, everyone! So, I've been watching Ultimate Spiderman, and it's making me want all the more to do a good superhero themed rp. I'm leaning towards the more gritty and realistic style with some of the colorful feel-good antics and themes of the animated universes. I don't have a plot devised yet, but it can be figured out.

    We'll probably go somewhere along the lines of a couple of small groups sprouting up when people begin developing powers. Meanwhile, the few of them who are discovered are pursued by some darker people, while also being placed under scrutiny from military types.

    Plot is definitely up for discussion. Haha
    If people show interest, we'll figure it out.
  2. Let's roll.
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  3. Count me in.

    Are we going to use all original characters (please say yes), and when you say "Marvel style" what do you mean? I think I know, but just want to make sure.
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  4. Purely original characters, I don't really dig using canonical characters. For the most part, I just mean that the universe is similar to the Canon marvel universe. The terminology and such will be based on it too, such as the term "mutant". Additionally, power scaling will be similar, we don't need any supermen. Haha
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  5. Gotcha. I was thinking the power scaling, but I'm glad we'll be using the same terminology as well.
  6. So, mystical forces such as Pantheon deities, that dragon that gave Iron Fists their abilities, and such will be allowed?

    I have a planned character, but he might seem more DC cray than Marvel. By DC cray I mean stuff like Dex-starr, Gorilla City's inhabitants, Krypto, and maybe the monkey that talks to Batman.

    Yeah, are talking animals alright? (Sure, there was Spiderham and such but that was kinda AU)
  7. For the most part, just about anything will be allowed that Marvel's universe would allow. I would prefer no one use any really powerful abilities and origins. For example, I would rather not see any deities, demigods, super powerful aliens, etc...Still, feel free to make strong characters, but, just use common sense. Ya know?
  8. So, young heroes who discover their powers and form a team? I like the idea of the heroes being pursued by both the military and the "shady characters".
  9. Yup. I was thinking either it's just a group who come together by circumstance or they're some sort of Academy to train new heroes in a sort of high-school setting, like the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy. I'm open to whichever people would prefer.
  10. You mean like the one in Ultimate Spider Man where the main heroes are undercover in the same school?

    Yeah let's do that
  11. I'm interested
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  12. I love Marvel-esque plots. Are the darker/villain character rolls available to us? Also, are we just playing mutants, or can I do more of a John Constantine type character?
  13. If we go with the Academy route, it'd make more sense to transition into a villain, or gradually develop the darker aspects of their personality until they become a villain type. You could also play mystic characters or Tech characters if you would like.

    One of our characters could also vouch for your character, help make it part of a personal plotting in which betrayal becomes an issue.
  14. That could work, as he will have a pretty good reason to become a villain. Also, betrayal would be a great catalyst for the fall.

    How many characters can we have?
  15. I'll say up to two
  16. Perfect, thank you. *smiles* It has been so long since I've been in a Marvel RP- I'm excited for this.
  17. This looks quite interesting, and I love the idea of putting them in high school. It allows for any of them to become heroes or villains, and character development would be awesome. I think, personally, I would go with a character who seems to be a villain to everyone and would be the "most likely to become one" in that sort of sense...but doesn't. And maybe the exact opposite for another character, I don't know.
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  18. Do we have an eta of when this Rp will start?
  19. This seems really cool! I'm in!
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  20. I will have a sheet up for it soon, then from there, we'll get started. ^_^
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