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  1. I am checking a month or so in advance if you guise that were in my Marvel: Dark Reign RP are still interested in such an RP. Back by Orion demand!

    Overall plot is still in the works; I'm planning on doing a complete workover though.
  2. I wanted to play, Fel! But didn't wanna leap straight into it after it already started.

    You can totally count me in when you get it back up.
  3. *dusts self off* I'm interested, and I'll try to post as often as I can! Work isn't as bad this year, and my shift will change next month so I'll get off earlier! XD
  4. I think it's kind of a given that I want to be involved. But I'm just going to make it clear.
  5. Don't care if I'm double posting-ish.

    Just wanna restate my interest in doing this.
  6. I'd give it a look at least.
  7. Since I never actually posted in the last one, guess I should give it a go this time around.
  8. Dude a Marvel RP would be DOPE.
  9. Interested.