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  1. So one of my new years resolutions is to make time to role-play this semester, and along with rekindling old role-plays i also want to start some new ones. I post either once a week or several times in one day, depending on my schedule and how inspired i am. I predominantly do Male x Male pairings, nothing against MxF or FxF, they are just not my cup of tea. I can write anywhere from one good paragraph to about six paragraphs, again this depends on how much i have to work with and how inspired i am. So here are the pairings and plots i have in mind, bolded means i really want to do them

    Plot Candies for me:
    Forbidden Romance

    Phil Coulson x Clint Barton (mxm possibly omegaverse if you want)
    Phil was the one who recruited Clint when he was a freelancer, he saw something in the young man that no one else did and he became his handler. Now Clint is one of the best assassins in SHIELD, along with his partner Natasha. However their dynamic began to change when one day Clint almost dies during a mission and falls into a coma, Phil never left his side and during this time he realized his feelings for the younger agent. When Clint finally comes too Phil knows that he has to start distancing himself from the other since it was prohibited for two SHIELD agents who work in the same division to be together. Of course Clint begins to notice the difference and he is not a fan of this sudden change and begins to push the other for answers. When the secret comes out what will Clint do, will he get into a forbidden romance with his Handler or will he try and pretend that nothing happened. (I can see Clint as the Dom, or the Sub, but i would like to play Clint either way)

    Natasha Romanoff x Bucky Barnes (MxF)
    Bucky is hired to train a new recruit by Hydra for the KGB. Her name: Natalia Romanova. She is strong willed, beautiful and very skilled. The reason someone like Bucky is choses is due to the fact he has a very specific skill set that they wanted her to inherit, they wanted someone like The Winter Solider that they could keep around for longer periods of time without wiping their memory over and over. However during her training she begins to notice things about this infamous Winter Solider that just didn't seem right... such as how he took orders without blinking, seemed to know nothing about himself, never revealed his face and showed little to no emotions. Soon she begins to piece together that he was brainwashed, and her curiosity getting the best of her she starts poking around in hopes of finding out who he was. All the while Bucky is beginning to form cracks in his brainwashing since while he is teaching her how to kill, she is teaching him how to feel. If hydra were ever to find out about what is beginning to bloom between them.. they would both be severely punished.

    Steve x Bucky
    Fitz x Mac
    Spiderman x Deadpool
    Clint x Natasha (Working on an AU idea)

    More to come!
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