Marvel MxF

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fandoms, yuri, fantasy, dark themed slice of life
I really want to get some MxF going. I don't mind playing the male but I honestly preferred if we doubled.

Rouge x Gambit
Logan x Jean
Jean x Scott
Oc x Anyone

Clint x Natasha
Tony x Pepper
Steve x Wanda
Wanda x Vision
Pietro x OC or Natasha
Bucky x Natasha ( I will love you forever if you do this one with me.)

Dare devil ( I've never watched the series but I know a little about him. So this one is kinda iffy)
Spider man x Gwen ( Maybe, just maybe Spider Gwen. Just know I don't read comics but I have a nerd sister who gives me all this details on Marvel. Oh and I do a lot of research.)
Rhodey x Pepper.
Not open for further replies.