Marvel Heroes/Villains team RP?

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  1. Because i don't have the time to create everything, i was wondering if anyone wanted to do a group RP, which had all of us creating the plot and characters etc. If i get enough interest (Maybe 4-8 People)

    So what i was thinking for a first idea was that we could have some pre existing marvel heroes, who recently have gone under the radar and don't have much anymore. (Kind of like the hawkeye new graphic novels, where he isn't with the avengers and does his own adventures) Where they all group together because they have their own common interests.

    A second idea (Coming from watching the latest Suicide Squad trailer, Hype!!) Was that there are a bunch of b listers (Like the top) who all aren't big villains, so they band together because they want to take down either some rouge superheroes or a villain?

    These ideas are very basic and could be revised through planning, but i hope you could get the jist. For characters i was thinking of using pre existing ones, either from shows and movies, or marvel comic heroes who aren't introduced, pre made could be edited as pleased by you, like changing the actor or their personality. The only thing i ask is to try to use a real person, or a drawing that isn't too cartoony