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  1. OK, so I'm really into doing genderbenders as of late and my current obsession is Marvel...but I may add others later. So here is a list of the pairing that I would like to do.
    Looking for someone to play the male roles

    Captain America/ Female Tony Stark or Tony Stark/Female Captain America
    Bucky Barnes - Winter Soldier/Female Steve Rogers
    Male Black Widow/Female Clint Barton
    Tony Stark/Female Bruce Banner
    Brock Rumlow/ Female Captain America
    Thor/Female Loki
    Thor/Female Steve Rogers
    Phil Coulson/ Female Clint Barton
    Magneto/Female Charles Xavier
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  2. I'm also willing to do these as m/m pairings. I'm a bottom just to let people know.
  3. Still looking
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