Marriage of Convenience

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  1. Arranged marriage is a marriage arranged by someone other than the couple getting wedded.


    You cordially invited to the union of two young souls
    on the thirteenth day of May eighteen-eleven
    at a quarter passed two.
    This event will be held at the groom's estate.


    Amelia Darnay was young, lighthearted 18 year old girl. Her family life had always been one of comfort and ease until her father came down with an illness when Amelia was 16 years old. At that moment in time, things began to change. Rather passionately, her mother began to find a husband for the young girl, offering their estate as her dowry just so they could stay in there house. Finally! Her mother found a man willing to take her young daughter when she turned 18... to Amelia, that was the moment her life was signed away.

    The day the man accepted her was the day her mother began training her to be the perfect wife. Little bits of advice like 'always do as your husband says' 'if your husband likes it this way then you do it that way' 'do not speak out of line in company' 'be who your husband wants to be' 'do not do anything that makes your husband feel ashamed'. All that pressure was unbearable and made her wedding day that much more terrifying. This experience didn't sound fun; it didn't sound like love. It seemed more like a servant that could never leave, but Amelia put on a smile to all her friends, bragged about how her future was set and how handsome her husband was.

    And she wasn't lying! He definitely was rather breathtaking and made her feel rather plain when she stood next to him. Over those two years, he would come over and take her on walks through the garden or ride in carriage for a picnic in the country. It wasn't long until she began to doubt if her heart was still her own. After each of their dates, Amelia would lay in bed that night and imagine how it would feel to be next to him, to kiss him, then a smile would pull at the corner of her lips. Soon, the wedding no longer seemed like an impending doom; it turned into a fantasy and a moment of desire.

    Finally, her wedding day came and nerves ferociously attacked her stomach. Amelia began to fiddle with the delicate overlay of her white satin wedding dress. Am I really doing this? This day had always just been a dream but now is becoming my reality. She chewed on her lower lip, staring at the massive wooden doors that separated her from the isle she had to walk down. That is the music.. oh no.. the doors are opening. Swallowing hard, the girl took a shaky step forward then forced a soft smile that soon turned more natural when she saw her soon-to-be husband waiting for her. That was the moment that he became her safe fortress, the haven which she was eager dwell.

    "I do."

    Those two words echoed in her ears as she looked down to see the beautiful silver band slide over her ring finger. Hiding a smile, she looked up at her husband just as he started leaning down to kiss her. This was it! The moment I have been waiting for. Amelia calmly leaned into the kiss. Their lips pressing into each other nearly made the young girl's heart jump into her throat. A huge smile broke over her face as he took her hand and faced the crowd while shouts of congratulations filled the air.

    Several kisses later and a rushed wardrobe change, Amelia was now in her husband's room in a flimsy silk gown that clung to each curve of her body. It did not hide anything! Not even the fact that she was cold, causing her nipples to create a disruption in the flow of the fabric over her breasts. What do I do? What if he doesn't find me attractive? She sat down on the edge of the bed and fiddled with her sandy blonde hair that had been freed from her bun. Blue eyes showing fright as she watched the bedroom door open and her husband step through, catching a glimpse of her uncle just outside, making sure they... they finalized their marriage.
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