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  1. When hopeful dreams become reality..

    In a world where everybody is born with a mark, those who are of age must begin their search. To find one with a matching marking means to have found your soul mate, your true love, the one you will be eternally happy with. There is no heartbreak and no questioning or fear - nobody who has found their soul mate has ever changed their mind or regretted their marriage. All is well.

    Except for those born without a marking.

    So, I had this idea that was combined with an idea from Tumblr. Make of it what you will. I know it isn't a whole lot to go on but I like to have input from my partner as well as my own plotting. A few things to please keep in mind:

    - I prefer straight pairings and I prefer to play a female. That means I would like a male [or male character] partner.
    - I would like at least 2 paragraph posts. Please. If you can only do one occasionally, that's alright, but I would like the average to be more.
    - I would like a partner who will post at least once per day. I know we're all busy, but just once shouldn't kill you.
    - I am available to answer any questions!

  2. Hi Everly - I'm brand new and ran across your posting. All your conditions look fine. I was wondering what you thought a "mark" would be.
  3. I was thinking something on the hand or arm that would be easily visible, like a tattoo, but abstract ^^
  4. I'm game. I have some thoughts to propose and would be interested in helping flush out the details.

    Should we continue here, or in a conversation? (Is that the same as a PM? I'm looking to you as the relative veteran :)
  5. Conversations are PMs, yes ^_^ Go ahead and send me one with your ideas! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.