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  1. Want to easily make yourself a world map?
    you'll need a few ingredients.

    1. A large sheet of heavyweight drawing paper.
    2. A pencil
    3. A cup of tea or coffee
    4. An eyedropper.

    Instructions are simple, simply take your eyedropper full of tea/coffee and drip it along your approximate continental shapes, then dip your finger into the coffee and flick arbitrarily at the page.

    the end result, not only do you have a quick and easy continent, but every lake and island as well. leaving more energy towards figuring out where the rest of your world fits in.
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  2. So like a semi-randomized map; I like it! Bonus points for the tea/coffee adding an aged effect; you could hang this on your wall with pride! *runs away to brew tea*
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  3. The stain is more for visibility of the liquid splash patterns than any aging effect, Though there's nothing wrong with that once you're done
  4. You could use ink or paint for the splatters and tea/coffee to age it?
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  5. The splatter effect is to simulate coastlines, rivers, and lakes. which are then traced. Using a "splatter stain" (Which is what I'm calling this method,) allows you to use nature to simulate nature, then covers up how you did it.

    Ink and paint would dry slightly differently with each splattering.
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