Many years of Iwaku Memories!

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I don't remember exactly when I joined, but I want to say I have been around for a little over a year. The person who introduced me (*cough* @G3n3s1sR3b0rn *cough*) was a really avid person on here when he was showing me around, he knew like where to go for anything. After some time however, he seemed to have lost interest, now I only see him on maybe two weeks out of every three months. I went the other way, and got addicted to it all.

What happened was summer. I just didn't have the time or access to get on. Now, I can only get on every other weekday at school, and I don't have much I can do, then. I still love using this site, but accessibility is the problem.
Oh, man. This is gonna be a lot of throwbacks. I highly doubt I'll manage to get all of them; Iwaku has been a large part of my life in and out over the past couple years, and I've made countless memories here.

I'll start with this, though. The best, brightest memory I have of Iwaku, is all of the friends I've made here. It's been amazing having all of you here, and it's created somewhere that I could escape to, a sanctuary away from the nuances of everyday life. And it's on the foundations of these friendships that my memories from Iwaku stand, and may those foundations hold out for many years to come.

Now, for the special part. Memories shared rather than those held only by one's self. I'm going to try and keep it limited to the foremost memories from the site and the people on it, but this may be kind of long, so I'm going to spoiler it.

@Gen. Gwazi Senpai You've definitely been involved with some of my more recent memories. Skype, the Iwaku gaming group (which, you're right, we should start back up, but as it stands, arguments between my dad's girlfriend and I have left me locked out of the internet at home), and various other shenanigans. Praise the sun.

@GreenLady I think you were kind of the reason I stayed; you were my first impression and my first memory from Iwaku. My first roleplay here was with you, and it completely changed my view on roleplay for the better. Before Iwaku, I'd never even witnessed anything more than maybe two lines worth, and a vast majority of it was poor quality at that. I was a little bit amused when I later found that you're one of the better known members on the site, and on top of that, that you've become a published writer, because looking back, it's like I was so small, standing in the shadow of something so much bigger, and thinking that I was standing in the sunlight, because for all I knew, you were just an average run of the mill member. Moving on, however, another memory I will probably always hold highly will be the little push you gave me at starting to publish my own writing. I haven't quite managed yet, but you got me past the hardest part: figuring out where to start.

@Vay Believe it or not, I've had a few memories with you that I regard rather highly too. Various little conversations here and there in the Cbox, and I'd have to say the strongest memory I have with you at this point is the night that I told you I would stay up to Skype with you when you got out of work, then passed out an hour or so before you did. I don't know why it stands out so much, but I remember waking up with my face on my keyboard and immediately realizing what had happened. And, if possible, I'd like to try again in the future. Though it may be quite some time before I can.

@Tribs , whoever plays Lightwisp in the Inn, and anyone else who witnessed it - That one night, I think it was last year. While Shadow and Light had been at a table and the drunken wanderer had come in. The one who decided to hold eye contact with Shadow whilst relieving himself on the floor. If you were there, you know the guy. This memory's a little bit funny, both in the odd sense and the amusing sense. At the time, I was rather stupid about it and handled the situation as a whole rather immaturely. But now, looking back on it, it was a bizarre experience, and one that I'm rather glad I had. After all, the weird memories are the ones that make life fun.
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I remember when Iwaku first started 10-something years ago.


Gabriel Zero

The Nerf War

The Crash of Iwaku 1.0

The Rise of Iwaku 2.0


The Great Migration

The Genital War

Other things

I'll get your walker... Drag it right behind mine.

I've got ptsd from the cult wars/war of the princes.
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I remember, when I was a wee Iwakuan two years ago, being taken in by @Esthalia, @Myrnodyn, @Cerulean and all the rest of the amazing Inn crew! Many crazy Steambox nights were had, and lots of amazing-bizarre Truth or Dare sessions. The Inn has since become my home and I love all the Inners to death and back. Y'all know who you are. ^^

Esthalia also introduced me to @Red Velvet (via the aforementioned Truth or Dare sessions lol), who, back in the day, was still known as Ayla / Aira / Aira-chan / whateverthehellitwas. She has since become the most amazing loversisterwifething with benefits a girl could ever ask for <3

I also remember getting grilled to hell and back in my Staff interview by @Diana and @Vay -- mostly Vay. No joke, Diana and Vay actually took me aside in a Skype chat and we had a discussion that I swear felt like hours but was probably only like 30 minutes. Queen Vay had me trembling in my pants, man. I'm not often nervous but I wanted so badly to be on Staff and to help contribute to this amazing community that I felt like I had so much on the line.

Now here I am, a happy and proud Iwakuan after two years and some change, and there's nowhere else I'd rather be. Stay amazing, guys. <3
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