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  1. Greetings and salutations fellow members of the roleplaying community!
    The name's van, or darsp, which ever you prefer. I've roleplayed for a while now and just now reenter this lovely site in hopes of finding a few partners to add to my collection. Joking, but that aside I am in need of a few more rps to full-fill my ever expanding free time.
    I have a few plots formed already but if you want to throw one of your own my way, I'm all ears.

    • More plot will be added in the future
    • If the pairing is m/m or f/f then be warned, I don't do strictly submissive/dominant characters. They're will always be switching off.
    • I'm very open to ideas! If you have anything you'd like to add or alter about one of my plots send me a pm and I'd be more than happy to plot with you!
    • I do: pm/thread/aim
    Open ended Plots:
    Werewolfs, yes?

    Intertwining Souls (open)

    m/m or m/f
    Basically, the tale of love kept at arms reach until some outwards force made it break and BOOM two love-bird are brought together at last. Of course its not going to be that simple though, they'll be plenty of plot that will be added and angst. So much angst.

    The Test of Time (open)

    preexisting character & plot
    Okay, now this one has a very specific and details storyline. It has to do with an already made character on my behalf named Sylus. History plays a large part in this story and some knowledge about medieval England and the early year of the United stated, especially the southern half, would be recommended.
    Essentially it's a 'it's complicated' wicked love story between two demons who just can't seem to stay away from one another.
    **Despite it being a rather intricate plot, you're free to create you character how ever you see fit.**

    Blinded by Lights (open)
    Blinded by Lights (open)

    m/m or f/f
    New city, new everything. Newbie meets local and trouble, drama, and romance ensues. Depending on how you want to take this one their could be drug usage within it. They role chosen is completely up to you.​
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