Many ideas, all types. including omega universe

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OK well i have MANY ideas and its hard to write them all down, but in all honestly i'm fine with any imput and little chges to my ideas as well as any ideas you would like to put in. i do MxM MxF FxF and i would like to do a kinda group of 3 or 4.
i dont have many rules. all i ask is that you spell as best you can and let me know if you ever have a problem with the rp. as well as at least posting 2 or 3 lines. bu the longer the better.

1) First off my favorite idea is with the omega universe but a little different.. they're like nekos. (mXm)
im this idea m/c is a wolf neko omega and is the son of a high family. he is shunned by his parents for being an omega and a white wolf (his family is known for their dark hair and fur) he is forced to attend a fancy party any while at it he begins to go into heat and his suppresents arent working. he tried to stay away from any alpha he can but one alpha smells him (y/c which can be any type of neko you want, but please stick to mammals) and makes him his mate. the thing is though, they are from rivaling families and realize it until a week later, during a treaty meeting.... (for this one i would like to do m-preg, especially since he's in heat when they mate, hough itll be a surprise)

2) i would like to do another omega universe one but this time with 3 or 4 people in it. this time possibly it can be MxMxF or MxMxM or FxMxF I really don't care though i dont have to much of a plot for this one. maybe something similar to number 1 but with a few differences, two alphas or two omegas, or a beta thrown in there as well

3) hmm, ok well this a very open one and will take awhile to do but i think it would be very fun to do.(MxF) (im sorry my mind is a mess with ideas, one moment i have them and the next they're gone if i dont write them down)
this one is about the daughter of a pirate king who was stolen shortly after her birth by a slave seller and is brought to a wealthy nobleman/trader. he gives the girlto the maids ro raise knowing she'll make a good servant to his son as they grow into teenagers. insteed they become great friends and fall in love, though they dont tell each other. when the son besides he wants to leave the house and help with the trading, then while on their ship they are boarded by prirates, and the captain of them is none other than her father, who knows who she is just by her looks. then... well ill leave that up to you. but this doesnt have to be historically acurate, it can even have supernatual/fantasy stuff thrown in. i would like to be the girl but id be happy to be the boy as well

4) this one is completely open and is a spot of any and all ideas by you. i am literally up to try ANYTHING. so any kinks and such are fine by me though you may have to be dominate for those if i'm not familier with. i like fantasy, pirates, anime, really cute stories, any fandom i am a part of, hardcore stuff, odd stuff, whatever.

i honestly would like to do FxF to, i just dont have to many ideas at the moment for that
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