Mansions of Madness

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  1. I was recently inspired by a real life Halloween story that I was told during a party. I am looking for someone who is interested in participating in a Horror themed RP.

    October 30th, 1997.
    Christopher Holden (19) has been away from home across the country in college for a little over a year. He receives a letter from his family letting him know that his great uncle just passed away and left the family estate to his father. They spent the past week moving in and want him to take a long weekend off from school to pay his respects to his late uncle and visit the house. His father already informed the university of the family emergency and Chris has been given permission to come home.

    When Chris arrives at the estates front door, he finds a note on the front door from his parents. His grandfather suddenly became ill and they had to fly out to see him. They are leaving him home with his sister for the weekend. He enters the large mansion and finds his sister (16+). They hang out for a while and catch up, having not seen each other for a year.

    They spend some time re-bonding, possibly rekindling an old sibling rivalry making them uneasy and awkward around each other. When night falls, the eerie house starts getting the best of them and many unexplainable things start occurring. The house turns out to be haunted and possessed. They become trapped inside and must search the house for a way out.

    I'd like the rest to remain a mystery and up to both writers.

    The focus is very much storyline, but a romance should kindle between the siblings. If you don't like incest, they could be half-siblings or even step siblings. Or one of them could have been unknowingly adopted. I was also thinking that one or both of them would be get possessed and the demons/ghosts would cause unnatural sexual tension between them, outright seduce or maybe even rape the other. Both of the siblings should have little to no sexual experience, no more than an average teen.

    The plot can be adjusted to please. Respond if you are interested.
  2. I like the idea, although it'd have to be step-siblings or one of them being adopted, because incest isn't my thing. Are you looking for a male or female character?
  3. How about second cousins? Meaning the "sister" was the great uncle's granddaughter, but she was adopted by his parents.

    She doesn't know that they aren't direct blood relatives, the parents never told her. This makes her unknowingly tied to the Mansion's previous owner, which could be why she is targeted for possession by the house's poltergeist.

    This could also create an ownership dispute for who gets the estate next. Since he passed the estate down to the boys father, not knowing that the girl was his granddaughter.
  4. That works for me. :)