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  1. I like how the two cop characters are the most prominent.
  2. I could only watch about 3 seconds before fleeing in terror of what I saw.

    Its gonna take a looooooooooooot of hentai to fix the damage done today....
  3. Is there a reason for this being called Clans instead of Groups??? All in the spirit of a new system, I guess? And what even is this interface.

    Ugh I don't like change
  4. New person???
  6. murder clan 4 real
  7. I'll assume that's approval, Paoman.
  8. doesn't it look pretty ; v ;
  9. @pub Frieza is probably seething somewhere in the afterlife at that picture >.>
  10. Autosuscribe huh?
  11. You guys talk a lot. And oh, Astaroth and Grumpy are here?
  12. so many red names in here, it's beautiful ;.;
  13. ahahahhahahahahh yes
  14. *begins the purification cycle*
  15. *Is the first to fall beneath the scythe of Asmo*

  16. *Hits Asmo with a very large club for reviving the evil*
  17. *leans forward and delivers a delicate brokiss to the scythe*
  18. Asmodeus, why have you commited necromancy on something so homo... and so... so ASIAN!?

    Is this the extent of your fall from grace?