OPEN SIGNUPS Manifest Destiny Character Thread and OOC

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  1. Name: Jericho StormCloud

    Age: 34

    Gender: Male

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    Jericho was born the son a Comanche chieftain. He was kidnapped by white cavalrymen at the age of six and sold into southern slavery. He was eventually bought by the wealthy southern plantation owner, Thaddeus Maddux, who thought it would be interesting to have a "Little Injun Boy" to add to his collection. Jericho was taken in by a kindly black man named Moises who raised the boy as if he were his own. Moises was a learned slave and secretly taught Jeri to read and write. One night when Jeri was 16 he was coming back from a harvest run when he witnessed Maddux beating on Moises. But what came next, shocked Jeri to his core. Maddux began to bite down Moises' neck revealing himself to be non other than a vampire. Naturally Jeri tried to save his mentor but was to late. Maddux intended on making the young Comanche his next meal, but Jericho just barely managed to escape, fleeing into the surrounding forest. He wandered about for some time before he ran across a roaming band of cut throats and thieves who called themselves the Creed Gang. They took the young former slave in and taught him how to gun sling.

    He spent some four years with the Creed robbing stage coaches and becoming proficient with a six shooter before he decided to try and get back in touch with his roots. He left the gang to try and find his native Comanche tribe, which he does after another year of searching. He re connects with his Comanche father and integrates back into the tribe. For the next decade, he learns the customs of his people and masters the ways of a Comanche Brave...thinking, fighting and hunting as a native warrior. As a final gift to his son before he dies, Jericho's father has the young brave undergo a mystical ceremony in which his spirit is bonded to an animal Totem god, in this case, a wolf. The ceremony nearly killed Jericho but he survived emerging with new found abilities which granted him the enhanced strength, speed, agiltity and senses of the pack animal. Now he was finally ready to return to his old planatation to seek vengeance upon Thaddeus Maddux. With the outbreak of the American Civil War, Jeri makes the perilous journey back down to the southern plantation. When Jericho returns, Maddux and the rest of his family try to attack the young Comanche, but with his training and new powers, he proves to be more than a match for the bloodsuckers as he makes short work of the vampires, finally avenging his old mentor. Jeri than burns down the plantation and frees the remaining slaves. In the ensuing years after the war he migrates westward where he employs his unique abilities to track down any remaining vampires for a bounty.

    Personality: Jericho is a consummate pessimist and is always looking on the dark side of just about every situation. His hard edged life has molded him into the ultimate "Glass half empty" type of guy.

    Race: Native American (Comanche)

    Weapon of choice: He carries two six shooters, a tomahawk and a large Bowie knife.

    Powers : Has the enhanced senses, strength, speed and agility of a wolf.

    Strengths: Good problem solver, Always keeps a level head, always honest and loyal

    Weaknesses: Pathologically mistrustful of others, inferiority complex and sees compassion as a human failing.
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