Mangetsu High

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  1. The Politics (Plot)
    In this world there are two types of intelligent beings: Human and Humane. Both are similar in appearance but what separates them is ability.The Humane have an advantage over humans they are super human with abilities this are glorified in Science Fiction comics.
    300 years ago the Humane where created by the Human as an attempt to tap the fountain of youth, but of course 1 they just created super humans 2 As time progressed so did the abilities of the Humane. The Military saw an indestructible army the scientist the tip of the iceberg in the preservation of the human race. Project Human Optimization Propelling Experiment or H.O.P.E launched full speed ahead with the ethical committee light years behind. Thousands of human subjects died in a desperate attempt to replicate the first experiment. Though the project had its failures, it also had its successes. Out of 20,500 volunteers 100 men and women survived. The government withdrew their support after news of the causality leaked to the public. The government started the cover up the project killing most of the head scientist and shredding evidence. One science, Dr. Edmond Stockhelm, in a last ditch effort to preserve his work he set free all the subject her could. During this effort Dr. Stockhelm was murdered but not in vain, his creations remembered who the good and bad guys were. With only a small number and the government's vendetta to exterminate on the spot. Humane young and old have to hide who they really are to survive.
    So! After an escape the Humane mixed in with the human population and lived life regularly. Humane look human but at certain times of the year they develop temporary animal parts 3 specific to the species of animal in which their abilities stemmed from. The Government is trying to clean up their mess and doing a very inhumane 4 but legal job since Humane aren’t consisted human but animals, sentenced to be burned until death.
    300 years after the creation of Humane there are some very wealth Humane aristocrats at this time passing as human. The Humane have been busy laying low, gaining power and multiplying to the thousands.

    The Present
    Let’s travel to Mangetsu High located in located in Japan, Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture to be exact. Mangetsu is a 200 year out school with a dark secret. A high concentration Humane students attend here. Most of which house parents are persons of political power. Though the school seems innocent something sinister is brewing in the foundations of the school. One that can change the course of human history.
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  2. The Aristocrats
    Takehiko Yoshida and Yoshiko

    Takehiko comes from a noble aristocrat family. His Father a congressman and his mother a blue blood. He was born with a sliver spoon in his mouth and he was taught to think high of himself for being a Humane. Of course he wouldn't tell an outsider about his race. He was a lady’s man but never found girls interesting. He was going into his last year of High school and the school absolutely adored him even though he was a jerk to every one except his friend Yoshiki. He held a decent reputation with the adults, he was well mannered and polite. This reputation allowed him to get away with what ever he wanted.

    Takehiko arrives at school in his new Viper. He parks it in the privileged parking lot and gets out of the car gracefully. A crowd of girls swoon as they are graced with his presence. He turns to them and smirks then grabs his bag and swings it over his shoulder. He looked over at Yoshiki, "You getting out? Or are you going to stay in my awesome new car?" Takehito chucked then stood up and waved at the crowd of girl who cheered for him and his companion.

    Yoshiki had been his friend/ servant for years, he and Takehiko had been friends since birth. Yoshiki was know as the quiet one and not much is known about him. Yoshiki was from a wealthy family but his status as a Humane was a half breed. Half breeds were considered a class below full breeds and looked in society as servants to someone of purer blood.

    Yoshiki stepped out of the car and ran his fingers through his platinum blond hair then looked over at the girls and they instantly collapse. Takehiko chuckled, "Good one." Yoshiki smirked then followed behind Takehiko as they walked into the VIP entrance to the school.

    Ah the life of an aristocrat senior was good. They were able to get away with murder. They didn't have to go to class and they could get the underlings to do there homework and projects. Of course they paid them handsomely for their work. Takehiko decided that they would go to there first class then go for a little dip in the pool. Yoshiki, as always, agreed.
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