Mana Academy for Young Magicians. (Plot and OOC talk)

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  1. In Mana Academy, the staff goes to great lengths to strengthen a magician's power. For every type of magician, there is a dorm and special classes to hone their special magic abilities

    Types of Magicians

    Music Makers
    - As suggested, use music or their voices to make magic

    War Fighters - These magicians usually go into an armed force after graduating. Their powers are used at its best when battling.

    Healers - Magicians whom their best feature is to heal themselves or others around them. These powers grow stronger with age.

    Dealers of Mana - Referring to "Dealers of Damage". However, Mana Academy trains dealers to use their powers for good. Most Dealers in the world outside of Mana Academy are thieves or convicts.

    But there is also a rival school, Dealers Academy, that only teaches Dealers of Damage to use there powers for evil. And the dean of said school is angered at Mana Academy for teaching Dealers, in his words, "To be weak, worthless, disgusting." And since then, the two schools have been under rivalry since.

    So yeah, that's the plot. Don't need to sign up or anything but it would be nice to see a picture of your character.~ The picture or description is of course optional!
  2. Well if you are looking for pictures I have some. But are the mages human? Or can they be elves? Or other creatures like fairy...etc?
  3. Also do you want a real picture of the character or anime?
  4. I think there would be students that are human magicians. But you would find more elves to be teachers. Not that an elf would not be a student, its just uncommon for that to happen. And it doesn't matter what kind of picture C: just a basic reference
  5. I just posted in the RP.. this looks like it could be fun! Should we post pictures of our characters? :)
  6. Ok! and only if you want to post pictures~
  7. [​IMG]

    Here is my mage. I suppose : P