Mamon is back. Let's play.

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  1. Mamon here, back from the dead after disappearing for an entire year. Whoops, sorry guys.

    I'm going to make a point now that I'm not looking for straight up literotica. I just didn't want to risk RPing with someone underage and get into trouble.

    Sex is cool though. I like it. I'm down with it. I do a lot of it, wink wink.
    But I don't want that to be everything.

    I'm not into a plot based on sex, a one-shot sex scene, or sex being the opening act of the play. I'm into it as a way of putting a cherry on top of a character development sundae. That's not to say there's anything wrong with smut for the sake of smut - but I'm not into that at this time.

    That said, I'm not wanting to plot out an extensive plot. My style is to start off with a basic bitch concept (e.g. : There's a gay bar! Two characters meet! One is a human necromancer and one is a bat demon!) and see how things can develop from there. Cool? Yeah.

    General Stuff:
    • Threads/PMs are my style - but I was never into the whole fancy post style thing. If you're into that, I'll probably need some time to sketch up a character and make some graphics. No biggie.
    • On that note: if I like the RP enough, I may draw art for the two of us! Yeah!
    • I like to mirror what's given to me, but I'm generally into 1 - 2 paragraph posts to keep things rolling.
    • Grammar is good. I don't need Dickens, but I can't work with really poor typing skills.
    • I'm really laid back and chill, so if you have stuff to do or not in the mood, it's cool.
    • I like just chatting with new partners too! I talk. A lot.
    If you have any questions, talk at me.


    FYI: I generally do M/M. I have a huge boner for being a more aggressive/snarky asshole kind of dude. Not all of my man-harem has to fall into that trope, and I'm more than happy to create a tailor-made bishonen just for you!

    I'm also a big fan of having a supernatural thing paired with a human. Human doesn't have to be plain jane, either! Like I used in a previous example: necromancing human x bat demon. Go nuts.

    I usually brain fart when I try to just pull what I like out of my head, so this list is definitely not comprehensive.

    Not on here? Ask me about it.

    In no particular order, Stuff I Like (and these things can be combined!) :
    • Magic
    • Modern day mysticism/fantasy (e.g. There's a level of magic that exists in the world/low fantasy)
    • Human (or a "gifted" human) x Supernatural (e.g. demon, werepanther, angel, shinigami, fairy, whatever)
    • Mutants
    • Demons
    • Clubbing
    • Students - Upper classman/lower classman
    • Feudal/Medieval era (hate to sound like a weeaboo, but specifically Japan? ha)
    • Werewolves/Werepanthers/Shifters/Vamps
    • Royalty/Servants
    • Neighbors
    • Love triangles (in general ha)

    I think that covers most of it?! Let's play!
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  2. So, I looked over your request and your resume and I'm a bit interested.
  3. A bit?! I'll take it. Talk to me.
  4. Do you want to talk here or go somewhere a bit private? Let's say a dark isolated alley?
  5. Haha, message sent.
  6. Bump <_>
  7. Interested in maybe something with your bat demon boy :3
  8. Shoot me a PM!
  9. I'm interested! :)
  10. Swag, shoot me a PM.
  11. Okay I am just gonna put this hear and see if you are interested...

    Shyish, unsure Angel ending up in a dark dark place with a Demon?
  12. I was going to write something out, but...

    tl;dr I'm curious about you, but another idea would be neat. PM me.