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A blood curdling scream rang out into the night. Awakening all who lived on Patches Lane. Lights of resident's homes sprung to life, and the sounds of sirens soon after followed. In the dead of winter and Christmas only a week away, another girl lay dead. The usual white scenery had ran red. For the past two weeks teenage girls had been found with their throats slashed in a large smile. A snow angel engraved beside their bodies filled with their own life essence.
Morgance shifted beneath her silken sheets in a deep sleep to only be awaken by horrid cries from her kitchen below. A annoyed sigh escaped her lips. Really? What is it now? She wondered inside of her mind. It seemed to become a habit to awake to her drunken mother's wailing. She began to think the woman was a banshee trapped in her home. Morgance quickly threw the pink sheets from her body, "Might as well go calm the beast before she annoys the whole county." She said through clench teeth as she climbed out from the silken haven of her bed. With the loud thudding of her feet she stomped down the stairs. To only be surprised by cops in her living room.

The shock on her face was evident when her vision noticed more than the usual amount in her home. Everyone knew her mother was a drug addict, and was constantly in trouble. However, everyone seemed to adore Morgance and her twin sister Lori.
Both girls attended Lakewood High like most in the county. It was the simple life for them most of the time, well until their mother Ciara was being arrested.At one time Ciara was beautiful with long auburn hair, and young feminine features.
These days her hair seemed to be a disheveled rat's nest. Her face sunken in from years of drug abuse.

Morgance shook her head quickly trying to rid herself of past thoughts, "What the hell did she do now?" She asked abruptly before her mind ran with her once again. Only chief investigator looked up, "Lori was murdered...." Morgance eyes went wide with shock before her vision went black. Her body crumbled to the floor. Morgance was in the dark, the sound of her name being repeated in her mind. Slowly her eyes lids parted to see a young male police officer shaking her. Without hesitation she sprang to her feet and ran outside. Uncaring of her lack of real clothes, and no shoes to protect her feet from the snow. The only one that stuck with her through this trying life was now gone.

((Okay the idea is to have more high school students, parent, and a cop whatever you want to be. Just have fun with it remember a Christmas murderer is on the prowl.))
Skye & Rayne

Somehow, Skye always knew when his sister needed him. He awoke in the middle of a deep sleep at two in the morning, knowing with utter certainty that Rayne was having yet another nightmare. His blankets were thrown aside as he hopped out of bed, cursing softly as his bare feet hit the cold floor, instantly chilling him. Gritting his teeth against the cold that was now an annoyance with the absence of his blanket, he made his way towards Rayne's room. The sound of muffled crying was all the indication he needed that he had been right in assuming that Rayne needed him.

"Hey, sis, lemme in." Skye tapped his knuckles softly against the wooden door, not wanting to awaken their parents but knowing that he needed to get into Rayne's room if he was going to comfort her. The sound of old bed springs and creaky floorboards told him that Rayne was crossing the room; her door opened, revealing her tear-stained face half-hidden by her tangled hair.

Skye gently nudged Rayne out of the way and led her over to her bed, where they both sat, him leaning against the wall and Rayne leaning against his shoulder. Neither of them spoke - no words were needed - but Rayne's choked sobs could be heard, as Skye rubbed her back comfortingly. About five to ten minutes later, the sobs slowly ceased, and Rayne wiped her tears, smudging what was left of her black eyeliner, which she had forgotten to remove before going to bed.

Opening his mouth to say something comforting, Skye was distracted by a crunching sound from outside the window. He looked out, and saw a girl from their school running through the snow, bare-footed and without a coat. "What the-" Skye glanced over at Rayne, who was peering out the window to watch the girl.

"Should we go out there?" Rayne asked. Skye nodded, and they both rose from the bed. In a matter of seconds, they had slipped into their boots and coats, and were outside, trying to get the girl's attention. Rayne held an extra pair of boots from the year before, while Skye had grabbed one of his sweatshirts from the closet on their way out.

"Hey," Skye called. "What are you doing out here? You're gonna freeze to death wearing that." He walked towards the girl, holding out the coat. "Are you okay? Here, take this coat, it'll help. I'm Skye, from school, remember? I don't think we have any classes together, but I've seen you around." He gestured towards Rayne. "This is Rayne, my sister." Taking in her shocked appearance, Skye reached out and took her arm without thinking. "Did something happen? Do you need any help?"

((Ooc - for the record, Skye is about to turn eighteen in about three weeks, while Rayne just turned seventeen three days ago. So, right now, they're both seventeen. They're both seniors in high school.))
Everything went numb for Morgance soon as she heard the words "Lori was murdered." She couldn't believe the terrible joke they tried. Was it to hurt her, or was it reality that she refused to acknowledge. Instead she simply ran hoping the cold would take away her pain. Morgance was so deep in her own mind, she could barely hear the two calling to her. They sounded muffled underneath her own ragged breathing. Slowly the words became clear, and her feet came to a screeching halt. Her blurred gaze found the two figured walking towards her. Morgance hung her head the feelings of dejection consuming her. How was it that these to had each other, and she was alone. In her mind it wasn't fair. Though, she didn't want to be alone on this day.

Morgance felt his touch on her arm, and forced her leaded legs to move forward. She couldn't help but look down at her attire, pink cotton shorts and a white tank top. With a steady sigh she reached out taking the jacket and the boots, "Thank you." She whispered through a half choked sob. What was she going to tell these people. That another girl's life had been taken. That Skye's sister was even in danger, "A new blood soaked angel." The words abruptly fell out of her mouth. Morgance looked up with wide eyes, "My sister was found this morning, she is the fourth this month." She continued on, there was no need for them not to know.

Morgance stood reliving each murder as if they were now her own memories. Susan was a senior, and had a scholarship to Denver University. Her whole life was before her, to only end the same way Lori had. The second blood angel was a junior named Tani. She was so beautiful, and at one point in time Morgance was envious. Though, Tani was found with multiple stand wounds, someone had been clearly angry with her. Blood angel number three was Brittany. She was a freshman and was nominated class clown. A very bright spirit, and loved by many. To only be cut down in her prime. Then number four was Lori, she was always so quiet. Everyone loved her and no one had anything bad to say about her. She was even crowned homecoming queen two months before.

Morgance shook her head, trying to clear her mind. Knowing the two would be staring at her, "I'm sorry." That was all she could say after blurting out such horrible news. Morgance hoped deep down they would be understanding of her situation.
Thalia had just came from her house walking were her mom and dad was aruguing. Thalia long%25252Bblack%25252Bscene%25252Bhairstyle.jpgis only 16 and today was a brithday of her dead Sister Lyla Marie and all they did was argue and not listen to what she had to say. Lyla was only 13 when she died of Lukemia , Thalia saw it happened right in front of her eyes and everytime she thought of it made he burst into tears. She had a brithday party planned up for Lyla and she invited some of her friends but that was over when her parents started to argue.

She walked down the road all she heard was he mom and dad screaming and yelling in her Head "Get a hold of yourself thalia" whispered to herself as shivered.from the cold. She had walked at least 20 miles into a town she had never heard of and she couldn't go back to that household so she continued walking. She could heard her breathing and the sound of her footstep and the a sound of the wind twirling in her ears.

But then she had sensed someone behind her a set of footsteps and she turned around "Hello?" She spoked and no one was there. So she kept walking until she heard a twig snap so he knew someone was following her "Hello" she spoke until she turned around and saw a dark figure coming towards her she started to run and screamed "Help!". She went up to a door banging on it violently screaming "Please Help me into someone opened the door.
The hooded figure was already on the prowl wanting more blood angel's for it's collection. That's when it saw her, the girl walked alone. It made it snarl and blood lust filled it's eyes. The hooded figure took on the chase. Following her through each turn, and street. It knew she was unaware until it steeped on a fallen branch. The anger filled it's eyes, and a howl escaped it lips. The hooded figure saw her run, and it hissed in complete displeasure. It couldn't risk getting caught not know. The plan hadn't yet been completed, and it refused to be caught until then.

The hooded figure turn and ran knowing the cops would arrive soon. It sprinted through the woods, but not realizing what it had left behind. A orange flyer fell from its pocket. The paper sat in the snow, and it was the only evidence left behind besides footprints. The parchment read, "Snow Angels needed for Sampson theater." A play to be held on Christmas, and the hooded figure was interested.
For a moment, Skye was uncomprehending. He couldn't believe her words - another victim? He had been hoping, vainly hoping, that it would have been done. But no, another girl had died. He stood there, speechless, not quite knowing what to do. He suddenly felt unattached, as if his body was so shocked that his soul had separated from it in order to think. He didn't move, didn't speak, and hardly even dared to breathe. Who, or what, was taking these girls? What type of sick psychopath would do what was done to these girls? And who would his next victim be? Skye's lab partner, Jenna? Or Kyre, the funny girl in his english class? Or even...Rayne?

It was Rayne who broke the silence. Reaching for the girl, she hugged her. "I'm so sorry," she murmured. "I can't imagine what it would be like to lose someone, especially someone you were so close to." She glanced over at Skye, waiting for him to chime in. Rayne wasn't the one who was good at comforting people, Skye was. He had always been there for people at school who were upset or hurt, even those he didn't know very well. He was just that type of guy.

His sister's words, paired with the desperate look she gave him, shook Skye out of his trance-like state. "You must be freezing," he said. "I can't let you go home until you're warm. Do you want to come inside? We have some hot chocolate I can make, and I think there's some strawberry cheesecake left over from Rayne's birthday, too, if you want some." To assure Morgance, he hastily added, "Our parents are home, so you don't need to worry. They're asleep, but if you need anything, we can wake them up. But in the meantime, you can come in, get warmed up, and settle things in your mind. We could call someone to pick you up, or I could drop you off once you're feeling a bit better."

Loud screaming suddenly shattered the silence of the night, and both Rayne and Skye turned towards the sound. Rayne, suddenly shaking nervously, stuttured, "D-do you think that w-whoever that was might n-need help?"
Thalia banged hard on a door screaming "Help Please Some Anyone"not aware that the hood thing had left. She sat on the porch crying her eyes out "God please help me , help me".
Morgance was unable to speak, instead she just nodded her head silently. The two seemed to comfort her in some way, and on the bright side she could possibly make new friends. Before she could dive further in her thoughts a woman's voice screaming told her how far away comfort was. Morgance looked up quickly, "We have to go find her." That's all she could manage to say, before diving into the snow boots. She reached out quickly grabbing both of their hands to tug them with her. "No person will attack a group." She said quickly hoping they would have the courage to follow her.
Skye simply nodded, and started running with Morgance. Rayne, however, held back. Skye turned, shocked that she didn't' want to help, but she motioned for him to keep going. "I'll be right there...I'm calling the police, just in case." Skye nodded, and then kept running. Not really noticing that he still held Morgance's hand, he ran in sync with her, heading towards the girl.

When they got there, Skye looked around, then turned to Morgance. "You think you'll be okay staying here with her? I'm going to check the area, see if I find anyone. I'll stay close, so if you see anyone, scream for me and I'll come." Without waiting for her to answer, he jogged off, looking for any unfamiliar faces in the neighborhood, or anything that looked...strange, or dangerous. He didn't want to leave the girls, but he also didn't want anyone or anything sneaking up on them. Besides, he'd stay close enough that if he heard the girls screaming, he would be there within a minute or two.

Meanwhile, Rayne ran back, coming to a stop near Morgance and the girl. "Okay, the police are on their way. Is everything okay?" She turned to the girl who had screamed. "Are you hurt? Did you see what the person looked like?" She bit her lip, nervously, a habit of hers. "It was the killer, wasn't it?"
Morgance looked down at the girl with understanding eyes, but she seemed unfamiliar to her. Was she a student at Lakewood High? She continued to think to herself before speaking, "Go ahead see if you find anything." She spoke to the Skye without redirecting her gaze from the unrecognizable girl. "Are you alright?" She spoke again hoping the young woman wouldn't be to shaken to speak. However, Morgance needed to know what had happened. Far as she knew this girl could be a charade, or even worse they all could be. How could she trust anyone in this grave situation.

Morgance couldn't stop herself from stepping back from the group. Who were these people, and where were they when all these murders happened? She tried not to let her thoughts show on her face. The act itself seemed harder than she imagined, a deep scowl strained her young face. Morgance tried to push the thoughts into the back of her mind. She needed to trust people, far as she knew this was going to be the last human contact she will ever have. With a deep sign she crouched down beside the girl stroking her shoulders gently, "Its going to be okay." She said softly, trying to sound confident.

The murder finally stopped running to look around steadily with those piercing blue eyes. A satisfied smirk pulling at those depraved lips, "No one will dare follow me alone." The voice spilling out like a dejected hiss. It walked over to a near by pine tree, to snap a branch from its barked body. The long pine needles making a broom affect all over the limb. The murder turned backwards to back track through the snow stepping in each foot print that it laid earlier. It began sweeping over the prints each step made it seem as if it never passed through that way at all. A small cackle echoed through the woods, "I can't be out smarted not I the master mind." It said to itself, pleased with it's own work. Once it was back at the last layer of trees that would open up to the community. The murderer tossed the branch aside, and removed it's hoody. It flipped the material inside out and withdrew it back on it's body. With a small smirk the murder walked out of the forest to join other patrons. Blending in before disappearing into the distance.

Thalia saw as group came and smiled in her hands as tears ran down her cheek. "I saw him but didn't get a good look at him he had a hood on he was a dark figure" she spoke quietly "but he never touched me I'm glad that he didn't". She looked at the unfirmiluar teens did they live around here she cried softly in her hands " I was so scared".
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