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  1. Story Plot:
    A boarding school that houses a particular kind of student body, one that is magically...supernaturally gifted or blessed with the appearance of one. Witches, wizards, elves, fairies, yetis, werewolves, vampires, and the like attend this school, all attempting to learn and grow together, to become productive individuals in not only their magical society, but also in human society as well. At this school, there is a young man: top of the class, known one way or another by his peers, very handsome and intelligent, fun loving and warm. He finds himself falling for a young woman there, one of his classmates, a witch who's powers derive from the shadows...from ghosts and ghouls and 'evil' spirits as some had said because of the demented way in which they appear. He wants her to be his and she is making him work for it; a young love blossoms at the school between the two of them all while a certain danger starts brewing around them, both outside of the school and within the walls itself. Decisions will be made, friendships tested, love put through trials; will they be able to overcome and remain together?

    Okay, so that's basically a rough sketch of what I'm hoping for in this rp. I'm not exactly sure where I want to go with it...I'm pretty much leaving it open for creation on both my part and my partner's part. This rp will, indeed, have sex, probably lots of it, as well as drama, epic battles and maybe some gory scenes depending on what happens...maybe even death if that will spice things up.

    I'm looking for someone to play the guy that fall's in love with my witch character. I ask that my partner be able to have an understanding of punctuation, capitalization, and syntax- yes, I do understand that typos happen. I'm not asking for perfection, just effort- and that they can contribute to the story creatively just as much as I will. If you like to brainstorm before certain scenes just to get a heads up or to pass an idea through, I'm perfectly fine with that! Just please don't wait for me to make every move because I will lose interest rather quickly. Another thing that makes me lose interest instantaneously is when I am given a one-liner. I'm pretty sure I give my partner's enough to work with that they can give me more than one line; in all honesty, one-liners are a pet peeve of mine, so if you know that you tend to drift down to less than a paragraph, please don't reply to this request. I'm really not trying to be mean! I'm just trying to save everyone from wasting their time as well as prevent myself from wasting my own time. I'm on frequently enough to keep the story going and I'm hoping my partner can be as well.

    With that said, if anyone is interested, just shoot me a pm!
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  2. I would love to do this rp with you, I LOVE the plot you came up with <3 PM me and we can start planning
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