Male RPer wanted for Greek mythology plot

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  1. I deleted the other request forum due to a lack of information. I later thought I was a bit too vague and wanted to fill in more. I guess I should have just edited it, my bad!

    Currently, I am looking for a male RP partner to play the role of Hades in a Hades and Persephone plot. The plot can expand far beyond that and include a lot of different elements. In fact, I see this story expanding to include many other Greek myths and characters and therefore taking off from the basic summer/winter creation plot. I just find the story very interesting and their dynamic relationship very intriguing.

    I usually RP via e-mail and would be happy to do that. I would also be fine RPing through the private messenger of this site. It does not matter to me. I can usually respond 3+ times a day and I am big on communication, so I always let my partner know when I will be away. I am very understanding as to when times are a bit tough to send a post, real life comes first of course.

    As far as my style goes, I usually post 3+ paragraphs, 3rd person perspective, and with lots of details. I usually create several characters and flesh out the world that we are RPing in. I tend to find myself hooked on dramatic, action/adventure, and romantic plots but I like it develop naturally and slowly. Character development is my biggest thing and would love for the plot to focus on that.

    I also enjoy multi-layered worlds with a few stories and plots going on. This makes the story feel more real and fleshed out.

    Please comment or message me if you’re interested in starting something up. If the whole Hades and Persephone thing doesn’t get you, we can try something else if you think we’re comparable! Hope to hear from you.
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  2. im intrested
  3. Awesome. I will send a private message.
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